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Get Ready for the New Year 2021 Celebration in India


New Year’s Day is a national holiday which is celebrated on January 1st every year. This day has a special significance all over the world and is celebrated with great hustle and bustle. Everyone used to celebrate this happy day in their unique way.

All around the world, there is a tradition of making this day memorable. Thus, people used to stay close to their loved ones, eat good food so that the next year will bring good luck to success, and happiness in their lives. Fireworks, food, party, sweets, and drink everything makes it more special.

No matter where you live, everyone rushes towards their home country on this special day. That’s why people used to book their flight tickets in advance so that they don’t miss this opportunity to spend this day with special people.

Many people used to take this day with a positive attitude. This day gives a new opportunity to learn from the prior year and make positive changes in their life for the coming life.

There’s a tradition of making resolutions on New Year:

People make new resolutions with the coming year so that they can improve their life. It can be for changing a bad habit or adding new rules for a successful life ahead.

On the other hand, some people used to visit different places every year and explore something new. It can be a new place or a different cultural way of celebrating this day in different regions.

Travelling in these places COVID-19 safety protocols, that allow people to travel safely. Please be sure to wear a mask and maintain social distancing due to coronavirus.

Those who love to wander around the world can take a look at these tops destinations of India that are a good fit to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021.


Hit the beats in Goa:-

goa celebrationDuring New Year Sunburn festival is held in Goa. Moreover, various most popular New Year carnivals also take place at this time. So you have plenty of options to explore here. It’s a perfect spot for a party person. DJ under the stars, high beats on the sand, sky roof, and seafood is a perfect combination for the party night.

Although, you can spend the evening; watching the waves on the beach with your beloved.


Gokarna, Karnataka:

new year

It is a beautiful beach destination for tourists and an ideal place for some relaxing hours. Gokarna is also a good fit for religious people due to the temple of Lord Mahabaleshwar.

Those who want to spend some moments in a peaceful place away from the shore of the city and watch the New Year countdown can come to this spot. Make sure you book early so that you can get the desired accommodation. Otherwise, due to the rush of New Year travelers, you have to increase your budget.


McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh:


A picturesque scene, verdant greenery, and chilly mountain breeze are what travelers look for. McLeodganj in Himachal Pradesh is a place where you can find many options for a party with great eateries.

Nature lovers can spend New Year’s holidays and enjoy a lot here. Famous spots to witness are Bhagsu Falls, Namgyal Monastery, Bhagsunag Temple and Triund.

Food Lovers Day: 

New Year is not only for travelers, food lovers can also make it special by preparing traditional dishes and cultural food.

This occasion can be celebrated in many ways as per your choice. Make sure if you are going to any place book in advance to avoid last-minute hassles.

What food items you should take on New Year?

  • Noodles
  • Chicken
  • Cake
  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Rice pudding


1.> What things you should avoid on New Year’s Day?

There are several things you should not do on New Year’s Day, like leaving your drink unattended at the party.

2.> What are the best places to celebrate New Year other than India?

Other than India you can also enjoy the New Year party at these places:

  • Bangkok
  • Dubai
  • Moscow
  • Cape Town
  • London
  • Brazil


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