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Do You Know The Amazing Facts About Delta Airlines?


Delta is one of the major airlines of the U.S.A that operates around 5400 flights daily. It is responsible for serving around 325 destinations in 52 countries facts about delta airlines. It has various cabin based on ticket type of the passengers which includes Delta One (business class), Premium Select (premium economy), First Class, Delta Comfort+, main cabin, and basic economy. Delta put its full efforts to make the passengers fly with ease.

Planning to fly with Delta? Delta is one of the oldest and major airlines in the world. Here are some basic facts about Delta airlines that you must know before you book a flight with Delta Airlines.


Delta is the only one who has achieved a lot in very first in a few years. They have continued their journey of being first in achievements of the following factors:

  • The first airline to move from film to video inflight entertainment in 1980.
  • First U.S. airline with moving maps in the cabin which displays the flights’ route accomplished in 1992.
  • First airline with web-based access to real-time flight information in1993.
  • The first airline to ban smoking on all flights in 1995.
  • The first airline to board more than 100 million passengers in a year in 1997.
  • First airline with an onboard recycling program in 2007.



Delta Air Lines Inflight Entertainment

Delta has everything for the entertainment of passengers either it is a domestic or international journey. You can easily travel with Delta on the long haul flights. They have various entertainment choices until you arrive at your destination.

For good sleep, they offer complimentary sleep kit in the long-haul international flights. The carriers of Delta feature eyeshades, earplugs, back-seat screens and overhead screens where you can enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, games, and music.




Flyer of the delta to/from the USA can have an amazing experience of getting closer to history. There is a famous flight museum of Delta Airlines located in Atlanta Headquarters where passengers can discover the history and future related to flying. Here passengers can spend some time to learn new things if they have time for their next flight.




The sky club of the delta is to make feel like home when you are away. While you travel, everyone wants to have a home-like feeling and Delta’s Sky Club lounges offer you better than home. The members of Sky Club are always there for you to guide the passengers. They offer complimentary Wifi and satellite TV to keep you entertained until your flight.



facts about delta airlines

Delta Airlines make sure that their team members give the best customer service. The airline employs more than 70,000 employees and flies a customer base of over 170 million passengers every year. They put every effort to make customers satisfied with their service and facilities.


Some FAQs:

  • Why I should fly with Delta? 

Delta Air Lines is the U.S. global airline well known for its products, services, reliability and customer experience. It handles more than 200 million people every year which is satisfied with its service over 50 countries. 

  • Can I put the Delta flight on hold?

Yes, you can place the flight on hold for 24 hours but the seat will cost you a little bit more when you purchase it. 

  • How to book a flight with Delta?

You have to log in to the Delta airlines websites account for booking the ticket. After that, fill the details of arriving and destination airport with the date and time of flying to search the flight. Select a round trip if you want to book for both sides. Then confirm your booking as per your selected class of ticket.   

  • What is the cancellation fee of Delta Airlines?

For canceling the ticket of Delta airlines you have to pay the Cancellation Fee. Since the charges are not applied if you cancel within 24 hours of booking. After 24 hours the cancelation charges will be applied and it depends on the route and type of ticket you have purchased. Generally, it is around $200.

Delta Airlines is an airline of a kind with the most amazing features and facts serving worldwide. So, if you are looking for flying with Delta then you must be aware of the facts of Delta Airlines.

These are amazing services and facilities offered by Delta; so book your tickets now to make your journey with them. Further, they are still managing to be the favorite of their customers win full swing.

It has come so far to serve people on a very large scale to various destinations. If you are a traveler then don’t forget to fly with Delta.

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