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Find Best Child-Friendly Cheap Flights To India


Worried about flying with Kids in flight? It is a challenging task to fly with tots. You don’t know when they will feel uncomfortable and start crying. It seems disgraceful to disturb all the passengers on the flight. So it is better to take precautions before you have to suffer from any other major issue. Choose an airline that gives the primary comfort to kids and is budget-friendly. Such airlines are best for families but are they cheap?

Yes, many airlines are dedicated to provide various facilities for the comfort of kids and offer affordable flight tickets to India. No need to take stress about the budget of flying, some of airlines fulfills the requirement of the family with children even in low budget.

Here we are going to discuss some child-friendly cheap flights to India that can go out of their way for the needs of children.

British Airways:


Families with children are given special preferences while boarding. This airline has given priority to children very first. Many activity tools are provided for children of different age groups.

  • Boarding: Families with children are given preferences while boarding. Many activity tools are provided for children of different age groups.
  • Food: British Airways offer their customers to pre-order their reasonable priced food from the online menu. Kids are provided nutritionally balanced food to keep them healthy. This airline has the policy to feed the children first so you don’t have to wait long.
  • Entertainment: They offer various options for kids to enjoy coloring books, puzzles, and Sudoku. Also, there are Kidzone playrooms in the British Airways lounges to make them feel relaxed.
  • Fare: The infant fare in British Airways is 10% of the adult’s fare if they carry the infant on a lap. For an additional infant seat, the charges are 75% of adult fare.
  • Seat: You can book your seats in advance if you wish to fly with comfort. Request for a carrycot or child seat if needed, but the facility is subject to availability.

Emirates Airlines:


This airline has the policy of the family’s board first. Apart from this, they have facilities of pre-ordering of a meal and various entertainment options. You can also get help from the crew members to warm the food and milk.

  • Boarding: This airline has the policy of the family’s board first so you can board earlier than others.
  • Food: Emirates gives you the option of pre-ordering a meal for your kid. Flyers from 2 to 12 years old are given the special healthy meal. For your food, you can ask the attendants to warm your food or baby milk.
  • Entertainment: Every age kid can have non-stop onboard entertainment with Emirates. They offer 150 channels in 40 languages, 50 Disney Classic films, access to toys in flight, activity books, cartoon shows, and a long list of hit music.
  • Fare: Fare of child up to 2 years is 10% of the adult fare and freehold luggage up to 10 kg.
  • SeatChildren age 6 to 36 months can travel on car seats if a separate seat is purchased for them.

Singapore Airlines:

A lot of facilities for babies are provided by Singapore Airlines. You can get on-board strollers check-in, diapers, bibs, and diapers facility with Singapore Airlines. To keep your child busy they provide soft toys, games, and stickers. These entertainment tools are refreshed every three months which is beneficial for frequent flyers.

  • Food: You can request a special meal for your child while booking your flight ticket to India. This facility is not available for the flights to and from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
  • Entertainment: In-flight entertainment options of Singapore Airlines include 1,800* entertainment options including movies, TV shows, music albums, and interactive games. Various games and apps are available for kids to keep them busy.
  • Fare: For infants (0 to 2 years) even your child is on the lap you have to pay some percentage of the adult fare plus taxes which is usually 10%.
  • Seat: Passengers with a child or infant can select Standard Seats in advance for free. Singapore airlines have convertible inflight beds for children. You can also carry your foldable light-weight stroller on-board. If flying with infants request for bassinets while booking the tickets.

Etihad Airways:



If you are traveling alone with your kid then no need to worry. Etihad airlines provide a special “flying nanny service” to take care of your baby. Kids can enjoy different activities like face painting, magic tricks, games, and origami making. They provide 10-23 kg of hand luggage depending on the route.

  • Boarding: Families with young children are allowed for pre-boarding.
  • Food: Etihad allows you to request a baby’s meal up to 24 hours before your flight.
  • Entertainment: E-BOX allows each passenger to enjoy hundreds of hours of inflight entertainment on-screen or on your device. It includes live sports, news, films, music, games, and cartoons.
  • Fare: On Etihad Airways the fare of infants is 10% of the adult’s fare. For a child above 2 and up to 11 years, you have to purchase a seat and will be either 2/3 or 3/4 of the adult fare, depending on the point of departure.
  • Seat: Bassinets for the infant (0 to 2 years) are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Virgin Atlantic:

virgin atlantic
virgin atlantic

This airline provides free in-flight cots, meals, bottle warming, and entertainment options. Infants can travel with 10% of adult’s fare with freehold luggage of 23 kg. For additional seat charges are 75-80% of adult’s fare.

  • Food: There are two varieties of food for children i.e Special vegetarian and kid’s food that can be booked online.
  • Entertainment: While kids are in the air Virgin Atlantic takes care of their entertainment. Kids have many options for movies, TV, and games that are suitable for all ages.
  • Fare: For infants, Virgin Atlantic charges 10% of the adult fare plus any taxes and for a child from 2 to 11 children fare applies to them.
  • Seat: You can book a car seat for your child as long as you are flying in the Economy or Premium cabin. Also, you can bring one fully collapsible pushchair and a car seat.

Air India:

Passenger with infants can request for Bassinet at the time of reservation or booking. During the flight, they can have the baby feeding bottle and food with them. Passengers are allowed with the free baggage allowance of 10 kg and a collapsible stroller.

  • Food: Baby Meal is available on international flights of Air India. It is available in veg as well as non-veg varieties.
  • Entertainment: Each IFE system offers a large number of channels and programs for the passengers.
  • Fare: The infant fare is equal to 10% of the basic normal adult fare in Air India. 
  • Seat: Passengers with kid must fly comfortably. You can reserve a seat as a First & Business Class passenger and Economy class passengers are allowed to book preferred seats on selected routes only.


All of above are infant friendly airlines which ensure safer and cheaper journey. You can check the cheap flights to India on Mintfares and avail the best deals and offers. Airlines like IndiGo and Vistara charge a predetermined Infant’s fare while others charge a percentage of adult fare. Spicejet and Indigo provide free infant baggage up to 7kg. You can decide the flight according to your budget and requirement of services.

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