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The 5 best US Kid-friendly Airports To Look For When You Travel With Kids!


Family vacations are always fun, but long layovers can turn them into frustration which is not needed. And that too when you travel with kids. But this is no secret as many airports offer amenities and services just for families.

The following mentioned below are the busiest airports across the country, and what they offer to families, from infants to toddlers to well-connected teens. Some of them do a very well job, and some well, we wish they could do more. Be sure to check out the list to see which airports have what you need, when you consider your travel.

Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI):

Baltimore Washington International

Nursing Rooms: Before security, two nursing stations are available with chairs and electric outlets within the entrance to the women’s restrooms.

Location: Concourse C’s lower and upper level

Play Area: Kids play area is located in the Observation Gallery with real plane parts which kids can explore.

Location: Adjacent to the B/C security checkpoint on the upper level

Wi-Fi Facility: Free Wi-Fi facility is available for 45 minutes for the Teens.

Educational Area: Thurgood Marshall showcases the Civil Rights activist’s life as a tribute to the airport’s namesake.

Location: Near the Observation Gallery Other than this, there are five family restrooms in the Concourse B area where you can go with your kid to treat them with a food delight.


Chicago O’Hare International:

Chicago O’Hare International

Mother’s Room: For Mother’s traveling with infants there are Mother’s Rooms available in all terminals of this airport. The room consists of a sink, diaper changing area, electrical outlets and comfortable seating for families.

Location: Terminal 1, Gate B10; Terminal 2, Crossover between Gates E5 and F8; Terminal 3, and Terminal 5, M14.

For Young Kids: Young kids can enjoy the view at Children’s Museum of Chicago which displays a plane that needs fueling, a cockpit in a fantasy helicopter, a luggage station and an air-control tower. There is also a play area fully accessible to all children.

Location: Terminal 2, Gate F1.

Wi-Fi Facility: Young children can utilize the time by enjoying the free Wi-Fi facility of 30 minutes. There are 18 power stations across Terminals so don’t worry about the battery.

Location: Terminal 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Educational Area: “Play It Safe” teaches kid about the importance of safety and the responses in emergencies.

Location: Gate M12, Terminal 5

Other than this, In Terminal 1, there is a 72-foot long Brachiosaurus model and replica of the WWII fighter plane that seems appealing to the children. In Terminal 3, there is a ‘Kids on the Fly’ exhibit offering a play area in an interactive and educational space.


Fort Worth International Airport:

Fort Worth International Airport

Nursing Room: There are three nursing rooms available for mothers with infant.

Location: At A18, B40, and E14.

Play Area: for kids there are many options; an aviation-themed Junior Flyer Club, an airplane, padded playground with an indoor runway, a traffic control tower for kids to climb.

Location: A13

Wi-Fi Facility: To access the Wi-Fi facility you have to supply an email address for the Wi-Fi as it’s free.

Gaming Stations: Xbox One gaming stations are available at rent for older children.

Location: At B42 and E16.

Other than this, Airport’s Art Programs are available that covers a collection of more than 30 pieces for 60 to 90-minute tours for free. You can schedule your tour in advance through the airport. For some rest there are private Minute Suites near gates A38 and D23.


Dulles International Airport:

Dulles International Airport

Nursing Room: There are nursing rooms for mothers with infant in four pre-security locations.

Location: At A20, B70, C11, and D1.

Kid’s Lounge: It is the home to various kids appealing items like slides, interactive games, and aviation-themed play area with comfortable seats and charging stations.

Location: Concourse B.

Wi-Fi Facility: Free Wi-Fi is available at airport and in each terminal free charging station is located at many gate areas.

Location: All Terminals

Other than this, at the concourse B, there a private bathroom available and the location C include a sink.


Los Angeles International Airport:

Los Angeles International Airport

Nursing Room: There are total 8 nursing rooms available for mother’s traveling with infant.

Location: All terminals

Play Area: This airport offers a beach-themed play area with soft climbing structures designed for children of age 2 to 11.

Location: International Terminal

Wi-Fi Facility: Free Wi-Fi facility is available for 45 minutes with an interruption of an ad before unlimited access.

Educational Area: Museums named “Flight Path Museum” and “Learning Center” is open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Tuesdays through Saturdays free of cost.

Location: Imperial Terminal

Other than this, pet lover kids can take a walk at Lower/Arrivals Level of the Central Terminal Area (between Terminals 1-2) and Southeast End of the Central Terminal Area (near Terminals 7-8).


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