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Favorite Travel Tips For Flying & Working On A Plane!


Traveling on an airplane is a brain and technology vacation for some people. But, yet for many people, the airplane seat becomes your 30,000-foot-high office. Everyone wants to fly big and nothing is better than flying in best Airlines of all. You may find it expensive but for some experience is everything. If you’re curious to know how the rich and famous people fly, then you are at the right place. So here are a few favorite travel tips for flying & getting work done on the airplane.

  • Book Flights That Offer Wi-Fi

If you are planning on working on a plane and need Internet connectivity, then you have to make sure that you are flying on a plane that has Wi-Fi. While there are more and more airplanes which are offering Wi-Fi, to be safe, find out which flights have Wi-Fi before you book.

  • Get A Tablet Or A Keyboard

Having adequate room for typing on your laptop, one of the biggest challenges of getting works done on the plane. Consider buying either a tablet that already comes with a keyboard like the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, or simply buy an external keyboard to help solve this, use with your iPad or other tablet. This will maximize your space and your seatmates will probably thank you.

  • Upgrade Row With More Room

You can also solve the problem of space by booking a seat with more room, and without having to upgrade to first class. There is economy premium or comfort rows typically have enough extra room which allows you to get work done without feeling so cramped. Additionally, you can get just the room you need in an emergency exit row seat when available for just a few extra dollars. An aisle seat typically gives you the most elbow room if those aren’t options.

  • Buy Wi-Fi Pass

Especially if you travel more than once per month, then you may consider buying a monthly or annual pass, while many people may buy a day or flight pass for in-flight Wi-Fi. Gogo is the Internet provider of many of the major domestic airlines, and sells a number of different passes, including monthly, annual and annual multi-airline passes. You can buy flight passes before you fly, rather than when you are in the air to save money.

  • Travel With Headphones

Traveling with headphones is a non-negotiable travel rule. You just don’t want to risk the potential distractions that will prevent you from working effectively between overhead announcements and the threats of loud chatter like crying babies and snoring. Download something instrumental if you can’t work while listening to your favorite tunes.

  • Bring an Extra Laptop Battery Or Power Station

There are some chances, where you find or receive a pop-up warning that you are on 10 percent battery and you are not even halfway to your destination. You can be solved by the seat outlets, but this service is typically available only on newer planes. So, prevent yourself from this circumstances, bring an extra laptop battery or power station, such as a power station with multiple types of ports. There are also a number of back-up batteries that have multiple adapters that fit most laptop brands if you want an actual back-up battery.

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