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Do you know: How to find cheap flights from Canada to India?


Air journeys usually come with higher prices, especially when you are travelling a long haul distance from countries like Canada to India. The journey is of more than 12 hours approximately. You will have to compensate the cost of flight by paying more money from your pocket.  But it is the demand of the hour as well; you can’t cancel your plans just because of higher airfares. Don’t worry there is always a mid-way. There are some tips and tricks that will help to make flights from Canada to India pocket-friendly.

Secret 1: Book in advance

Gone those days when airlines used to sell air-tickets at cheapest prices at last minutes to fill the vacant seats. It is not longer a case, now last minute flights usually come at higher prices because of high demand of tickets at last minute. So don’t you dare to wait to book at last minute, especially when you are travelling from Canada to India. Always book in advance at least 30 days before your departure. This is a secret of booking cheap air-tickets.

Secret 2: Sign up for email alerts from airlines

You might know that airfares keep on changing every hour. Sometimes you forget to check the prices every hour because of your busy schedule. No worries alerts are made to remind you. Set an alert on your mobile and keep update with the changing prices of air-tickets. This helps you a lot to choose right prices for you. All you need to markup your favorite airlines and signup for their newsletters.

Secret 3: Be Loyal with your Airline

Loyalty is another important thing to get benefits! Didn’t understand? It means be loyal with your favorite airline and don’t book tickets every time with a different airline. Stick to one and try to book flights from the same every time. They provide different offers to their loyal customers.

Secret 4: Choose your credit card wisely

If you are a credit card holder then use it wisely. You might know that your credit score depends how you use your credit card. Now as you have a good credit score, you can easily apply for an airline credit card.  There are chances that you will get reward points. You can use them for booking. In this way you will get a discount on your fare. One more feature of these credit cards is the more you spend the more points you will earn.

Secret 5: Check One-way and Round Trip Price

Airlines trends are not rigid. Sometimes you get round tickets at lower prices sometimes one-way costs less than round trip. So use your brains while booking and check both options and go with the best one. Never make a perception that round trips are always cheaper. Sometimes they are not!

Secret 6: Try the 24-hour rule

If you are a frequent flyer then you must be aware of the thing that you can cancel your tickets within 24 hours. In case you have booked a ticket and you see a huge drop-off in that you can cancel you booking and get the refund. Now you are free to book at cheap prices.

Secret 7: Go for Non-Refundable Tickets

You must know that non-refundable tickets come at lower prices than the refundable ones. So try to schedule your journey whether it is business trip of a tour, because when you have estimates it is easy to choose departure and return dates. And when you are sure about these dates there is no problem to go for non-refundable tickets. You will get relaxation in the expenses.

Secret 8: Search in Private Window

Yes it works! If you will search in private mode you will find the rational results because this mode does not save your history and previous searches. It will show you unbiased results. If you search in normal window the website may show you higher prices for same flight because now they’ve (Online Travelling Agencies) known that you are a serious customer and needy too. Don’t let the airline to take advantage of your situation. Be a smart traveler and save your money.

Secret 9: Choose small airports to Take-off

Choose your boarding point after a small search you will see the difference. If you will choose take-off point a small airport you will see that the fares are lesser than that of the busiest airports. Besides tickets you will find other benefits in these airports. Firstly you will find them less crowded and less expensive. Secondly cab charges will always be less in these airports.

Try to imply all these tricks while booking your flights from Canada to India and you will see the difference. It just requires presence of mind and a small research work. Both things are free of cost.


1.> Is there any flights from Canada to India?

ANS:- Direct flights to India from Canada are available but limited. Toronto offers nonstop service to New Delhi and Mumbai. Direct flights are also available out of Vancouver, and there are indirect routes from both cities, as well. Calgary, Montreal, and Ottawa also provide service to various cities in India.

2.> How do I find the cheapest flights to India?

ANS:- Top tips for finding cheap flights to India. Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to India is September.

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