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Best In-Flight Entertainment Provider Airlines


Are you flying from Canada to India? It’s going to be a long journey. How will you pass your time in the air? Because sleeping more than 14 hours is not possible in any condition. Don’t worry here we are presenting the best in-flight entertainment providing airways to you. You will love to travel when you get to know about their services. Not only in Canada to India flights  but even if you are booking a flight from USA to India you will get the same services. So it’s better to book your tickets on these airways because long haul journeys come with a lot of boredom. It is always good to go with in-flight entertainment provider airlines.


Air journeys are not boring anymore with Emirates. Emirates provide you the best in-flight entertainment services with 2500 channels. Besides that, you can watch a number of blockbuster movies on your long haul journey. Besides that, you will be surprised to know that Emirates has won the prize of the most entertaining airline for 13 years continuously.  Besides movies and TV series, you can enjoy limitless music and games on your journey from Canada to India. Emirates provide the same facilities to USA to India flyers as well. Furthermore, Emirates provides you the facility of staying connected your with family and friends for two hours with free text messaging on WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Viber Chat or WeChat. You can also use 20MB of data for free within two hours of login. All you have to do is log in to OnAir onboard Wi-Fi and choose how you want to connect with your loved ones.


Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways provides the best entertainment content to its passengers. You can watch your favorite movies including Bollywood hits. You can explore music, TV shows, movies and games in Oryxone. If you are travelling with kids then there is a special kid’s section over there where you can easily choose games for kids. Qatar also allows you to enjoy these services in your device. You just have to download the ORYX ONE PLAY app from the App Store or Play store before your flight and you can enjoy all these services.


Singapore Airlines:

Singapore Airlines is another best name in in-flight entertainment services. You won’t feel bored in air for a single second. You can see the best movies in the KrisWorld system. There is another wonderful service that Singapore Airlines provide you it is a multilingual system that offers travel guides, checkout information, and even tutorials on language, business, and culture. In-flight connectivity is another best service that you can enjoy to avoid boredom. If you want to play games then this option is also available to you. You can see the list of all the shows in the magazine of KrisWorld .


Turkish Airlines:

Have you ever experience the eminent entertainment service in Turkish airways? If not then don’t be in doubt! You will feel like home while flying. Here you will get the option of over 750,000 songs to choose from. Besides that, you will get a list of movies and shows spread over your touch screen. You won’t even realize that you are in flight. In addition to that, you will get a game channel for single or multiple players. Surprising thing is that you will get to know about the weather by weather reports that you will get every hour. Talking about movies you will get various current and classic movies.


Virgin Atlantic:

Virgin Atlantic provides a very easy to use interface. You can easily spend your time watching lots of movies. You also will have the option of talking with other passengers on a plane. So settle your journey with the hottest TV shows and cool music library. Besides that, you will get an amazing collection of fun games. Here also you will get Wi-Fi access.



You might be aware of Lufthansa if you are a frequent flyer. You can enjoy the best movies and TV shows while flying. Audio and live TV is another advantage of Lufthansa’s airways. Besides all this, you have an option for Magazines. At any moment if you want to give rest to your eyes you can entertain yourself with the magazines. You can also have access to podcasts. You will get Wi-Fi services at very reasonable prices in Lufthansa. They also provide children friendly content while you are flying.



This airline is world-known for its in-flight entertainment. The amazing thing about this is it provides Netflix streaming services in some of its airplanes. It allows you to explore newly released movies, comedy shows, and documentaries. Qantas provides you special entertainment app. You can access entertainment on your tablet or mobile by using this app. Qantas has its magazine for its passengers. You can have access to this in your air journey.

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