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DFW Airport Has Launched Prepay Parking Service!


DFW Airport is trying new ways to get air travelers to use their on-site parking lots. The airport has launched an online prepay parking service in which customers can prepay for a parking space. And it helps travelers to save up to 50 % on the usual drive-up cost.

DFW executive vice president of revenue management, Ken Buchanan said in an email, “The new system is among the first of its kind, offering customers an easy way to log in. Select where they want to park at the airport and pay before they ever leave the house or office.”

The prepaid service is available at This makes customers select what lot they want to park in, and on what days.

Customers simply drive to their selected lot and park once they made the purchase. Airport officials say they will not reserve a specific spot for prepaid motorists but will ensure that space is available for them.

Travelers can simply drive in and out of the airport, those have TollTags on their windshield. And the transaction will take place electronically. But those who do not have TollTags can download a QR code to their mobile phone And after that scan the code as they enter and exit the airport.

Facilities Available:

  • Prepaid is the latest strategy unveiled by DFW officials to address flat parking revenues. So that, more flyers choose to use services like Uber and Lyft to get to and from their flights rather than parking at the airport or at the numerous competitors who offer off-site parking.
  • Prepaid parking also allows the airport to try variable pricing at its on-site lots.

In other words, DFW can temporarily drop the price to lure in new customers when lots of parking spaces are unused. The prepaid system works at most DFW parking lots, including up-close parking in terminals A, D and E as well as the airport’s express and remote lots. DFW’s website includes frequently asked questions designed to help readers better understand how prepaid parking works.

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