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Dallas Fort Worth Airport – Hotels, Terminals, Reviews & More!


Talking about the airports in US, Dallas/Fort Worth International is an international airport which serves its services to Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex area (US). American Airlines is the main carrier at the airport. The airport also holds the record of serving over 65 million passengers in the year 2016.

On the basis of aircraft movements, it is considered as the third busiest airport in the world. By supporting over 900 flights daily, American Airlines at Dallas Airport is the second largest airline hub in the world.

Being spread on an area of 78 sq km, it is the largest airport in Texas and second largest in US. The high passenger traffic rate at the airport makes it the ninth busiest airport in the world. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport code is ‘DFW’.

Also known as DFW Airport, it rendered its services to more than 227 destinations within US, including 56 international and 171 domestic destinations.


Dallas Fort Worth Airport supports a total of 5 terminals. The airport has around 165 gates in total. The structure of the airport is designed in such a way that thirteen more terminals and around 260 gates can accommodate in it.


American Airlines and its regional affiliate American Eagle operates their most of the operations from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. These two airlines are active at all the terminals at the airport.

At initial stages, the terminal A was also known as “Terminal 2E” at the time it was opened. This terminal was fully occupied by AA domestic flights. It also supports most of the international AA flights before the opening of Terminal D.

Talking about the number of gates, the airport has 30 gates in total. It includes A8 to A25, A28 to A29, and then A33 to A39. By 2017, all the renovations are over at terminal A.


Terminal B was known by the name of “Terminal 2W” when it was opened. Braniff International Airways was the largest carriers there. American Eagle is another airline which occupies all the gates at the terminal B

All the foreign flag carriers operated from this terminal only before the opening of Terminal D. A new 10-gate stinger concourse off of Terminal B was added between the gates B28 and B33. This was done as a part of the expansion process.

Talking about the number of gates, the terminal B has 49 gates. It includes B2 to B3, B4 to B29, B30 to B39, and B40 to B49.


The terminal C of the Dallas International Airport is known by the name of Terminal 3E initially. The airport regulates all the functions of domestic flights of the American Airlines.

The TRIP Improvements has not been started at the Terminal C. The officials are in talks with the American regarding the future of Terminal C. Either the terminal will be destructed completely or rebuilt after proper renovation. You will find the American Airlines Admirals Club at the Gate C20.

Talking about the number of gates, there are 31 gates at terminal C. It includes C2 to C4, C6 to C8, C10 to C12, C14 to C17, C19 to C22, C24 to C33, C35 to C37 and C39.

TERMINAL D: (International)

Terminal D is the busiest one at the airport. The terminal is spread over an area of 2,000,000 sq ft and support the arrival and departure of more than 32,000 passengers per day. This amount becomes 11.7 passengers if calculated on annual terms.

There are around 200 ticketing positions with a federal inspection facility here. It can support 2,800 passengers per hour. You can find multiple stores here such as Mont Blanc, La Bodega Wines, Brookstone, L’Occitane and many others at this terminal.

In addition to all that, you will also find an eight-level parking garage at the terminal. This supports over 8,100 parking spaces by using a Smart Technology System. You can also witness air-conditioned sky bridges which come with moving walkways and elevators, connecting the garbage to the terminal.

Talking about the number of gates, there are 30 gates in total. It includes D6 to D8, D10 to D12, D14, D15 to D16–D16X, D17 to D18, D20 to D25, D27 to D31, D33 to D34, and D36 to D40.


The terminal E was originally known as Terminal 4E. It was primarily occupied by Delta Air Lines until it closed its hub. Presently, all U.S.-based carriers used the terminal at the airport. It does not include Sun Country and by Air Canada Express. One of the unique features attached to this terminal is that it is the only terminal at the DFW airport in which American Airlines had no presence.

TERMINAL F: (Future)

Terminal F is the sixth terminal at the airport which will be located directly south of Terminal D in the future.


If you cannot manage to sleep at the airport and need a comfy place, then the following list of Dallas airport hotels will definitely help you regarding that.


You can get the glimpse of private suites at the airport. It comes with a daybed sofa, sound-masking system, DirectTV, high-speed internet, and much more features.


You will find these at the terminal D inside the airport.


It is situated adjacent to Terminal C with free 24-hour shuttle service to all the terminals.


It offers free shuttle service to and from all terminals.


Best Western Plus DFW, Comfort Inn, Motel 6, Comfort Inn DFW North / Irving, Sleep Inn DFW North, Super 8 Irving DFW Airport North. These provide free Dallas Airport shuttle service to travelers.


Following is the list of lounges available at the airport:

American Airlines Admirals Club:

You can find this at different locations of the airport –

At Terminal A, across from Gate A24

At Terminal B, between Gates B5 and B6

At Terminal C, between Gates C19 and C20

At Terminal D, 5th level, between Gates D23 and D24

Centurion Lounge:

This lounge is situated at the Terminal D, Airside, Mezzanine Level, opposite Gate D17.

The Club at DFW:

This lounge is located at Terminal D – airside, between Gate 21 and Gate 22. It is available to all travelers no matter what class of service or airline.

Delta Sky Club:

This is located at Terminal E, near Gate E10.

United Club:

It is located at Terminal E, airside, between Gates E6 and E7.



There are a number of transportation options available at the airport. It includes:

Charter Buses & Limousines Options:

You can easily avail the services of charter bus and limousine service providers at the DFW Airport.

Taxi Services:

You can also avail the taxi service on the upper level of each terminal.

Courtesy Cars:

There is also courtesy cars option available which is located near baggage claim areas inside all Airport terminals. Courtesy vehicles are available at the lower level of each terminal.


One of the cheapest and convenient ways to travel between the airport and the city center is through DART light rail. This service is available on daily basis. It is connected to entry A10 at the lower level of Terminal A via a walkway.


You can avail the services of the TDD telephones amplified receivers, and lowered telephones throughout all terminals of the DFW airport.


You can get access to the wheelchair-accessible van service at DFW. The service is available 24/7. No charge or fee is attached to the bus or van service.


You can find more than 70 shops throughout the terminals. Some of these are Lone Star Emporium, Montblanc, Texas Marketplace, Grooming Zone, and another number of duty-free shops.


At DFW, you can pick from more than 50 eateries and bars. Some of the best options to eat at the airport are fancy American, BBQ, Asian, fast-food, fine dining, Mexican, Italian, Seafood, etc.


Dallas airport parking costs from $2 for an hour in Terminal Parking to $10 per day for Remote Parking.


You can easily get the stuff like fax machines, long-distance phone cards, FedEx and US Mail drop boxes, etc. at the airport at quite a reasonable amount. You can also enjoy complimentary and wireless internet connectivity. Plus, you can also hire a laptop


At Dallas – Fort Worth Airport, you can also avail the free Wi-Fi facility. All you need to do is to connect to the “attwifi” network. You can avail 2.4 GHz for older smart devices and 5.8 GHz for newer smart devices.


You can also enjoy services regarding its feeding and change at DWF for your babies and infants. The airport’s Nursing Rooms is located at Airside at Gates A18, E14, B40, and others.


Travelex offers currency exchange and travel insurance facilities at DFW. The location is at gates D11, D22 (outside security) and at gates D24 and D36 (International Recheck).


You can charge the laptops and other electronic devices at seated power stations for free. This USB port facility is available at every station.


For availability of relaxing and recharge zones at the airport, you must visit Gates B28, C8, C27, and E8. Plus, power outlets are available at every seat.


Passengers can also find the Spa & Salon Services at gates A25, B28, and E31 and hair salon services are available at A25 and D34 locations.


You can find the ATMs at landside in the baggage claim and at International Arrivals area of Terminals D and E.

Dallas Airport Reviews:

Matthew Summer:

People are very hateful when reviewing DFW. I fly in and out of DFW at least three times a month. As a frequent flyer, I can attest that the negative reviews come from nervous, irritated or clueless travelers that can’t follow basic instructions. No you can’t bring the water, yes you must remove your shoes, no a knife is a knife no matter what size it is, priority means priority not general boarding, etc. I have to say I haven’t really been to too many airports where the fault is with the airport it is always the rude travelers. Why everyone flying feels like the only reason they are there is because their private jet is being worked on is beyond me. Travelers, just smile, relax ask the TSA agent how his day has been going and you will get through security quickly and stress-free. You must also remember that if you had to deal with so many jerks on a daily basis that your temper might be a bit elevated. Let’s just take a breath, board and get on with our lives.

Clint Scott:

During our vacation, my girlfriend lost her ID, the agents and everyone we encountered treated us very pleasantly and professionally. They treated us with respect throughout the entire process. The airport as far as accommodations have many restaurants and shops to make last-minute purchases.

M Riess:

Best airport in the USA. Efficient ground ops and control, great amenities, extremely logical and convenient layout, tall ceilings and huge windows. I fly several times per month and Dallas Fort-Worth is my preferred airport hands down. It’s easy to park here too which is a feat for such a large airport. Minus one until they finish remodeling the last one or two terminals.