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Delta Launches Global Co-operate Priority With Air France – KLM!


Delta and joint venture partner Air France-KLM have come up with Global Corporate Priority. This is a first of its kind program in the airline industry promoting streamlined benefits for corporate customers that enhance their overall travel experience. This priority program thoughtfully designed to provide Delta, Air France and KLM’s joint corporate customers with the best international experience. The fact that the benefits are those that are most highly valued by corporate travelers is what makes this program so much more valuable to Delta, Air France and KLM’s joint corporate customers.

Global Corporate Priority aligns the most highly valued corporate traveler benefits out there no matter the airline one is flying with and the airline through which their ticket was booked. It will officially go into effect in the fourth quarter of 2018. The suite of benefits specially crafted for Delta, Air France and KLM’s joint corporate customers are those that corporate travelers most desire, including better seat choice, priority boarding, and priority service recovery.

  • Corporate travelers will get to pick better Main Cabin seats without having to fork out any extra fee and they will enjoy priority boarding on Delta, Air France and KLM.
  • Delta and Air France-KLM corporate travelers will have access to priority assistance should there be any irregular operation taking place.
  • Corporate travelers will also receive Denied Boarding Prioritization and Downgrade Prioritization in the unlikely event that the airlines in question are not able to accommodate all passengers as originally planned.

Global Corporate Priority will benefit thousands of corporate travelers who fly with Delta and its joint venture partners. According to figures from Delta, over 3,700 corporate travelers connect between Delta and Air France-KLM each day at this time. Delta operates more than 15,000 daily flights while Air France-KLM operates up to 2,300 daily flights.

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