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Delta’s Economy Passengers Can Now Enjoy Three- Course Meals!


This time economy class passengers traveling on Delta flights might be once check their seats to make sure they haven’t mistakenly wandered into first class. Because the airline unveiled its three-course meals that is new food and drink options for their economy class passengers.

Delta is testing out a new restaurant-style food service for passengers in economy that is nothing short of luxurious.

  • The new service will include three-course meals and cocktails.
  • Delta plans to serve its new offerings on white dishes and provide cloth napkins.
  • The new high-end meal offerings are being served on a trial basis to passengers flying in economy class on international flights.
  • Delta may make the food options permanent by the end of this year if the trial is a success.
  • Passengers can look forward to elegant options like quinoa salad and pasta in a cream sauce.
  • There’s even Häagen-Dazs ice cream on the dessert menu.

Each of the three courses offered as part of Delta’s new menu will be served separately. Passengers will be handed printed menus detailing the culinary options that are available. Delta is introducing high-end cocktails as a way to put passengers in good spirits even before their meals arrive. Economy passengers will be also offered welcome bubbles before meal service begins on flights. These welcome bubbles consist of three Bellinis or a soft drink of each’s passengers choosing.

The airline has been listening to customer feedback regarding its current food offerings. Delta’s menu changes come just as the airline has also introduced new premium economy seats and added more Delta One suites.

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