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Best Airport Hacks That A Traveler Must know Before Next Flight


Moving for your air journey on USA to India flight? Let me tell you getting through the airport is not an easy process.  These days it has become complicated and tricky because you have to go through numbers of rules, regulations and security checks.

Here we have some of the common hacks to pass you smoothly through the airport while traveling on USA to India flight :


1. Collect the details:

Make sure to get aware of the layover and destination airport. Most people are aware of the home airport but don’t have any idea about the destination airport. So, it is necessary to collect the details of the destination or layover airport terminals. You can save your lot of time if you already know where you can find the toiletries and other necessary items.


2. Keep Ziploc bags:

While traveling, don’t forget to keep some Ziploc bags with yourself. These are one of such items that can be utilized in many ways. You can easily stow your snacks, liquid and other items which may need to be packed airtight.


3. Overweight Luggage?

If there is a minor increase in your luggage than airline allowance; keep calm you do not need to leave your stuff at home. Just wear extra clothes that are causing extra weight. It can be a jacket, sweatshirt, or a sweater.


4. Easy reach packing:

Things which you think will be used frequently must be kept at a space that can be easily reached. For example, keep your boarding pass, ID proof, documents, passport, and photographs in an additional file that is easily accessible from your packed bag.


5. A water bottle:

Pack an empty water bottle that you can use at the airport and onboard. Staying hydrated keeps you refreshed in the journey otherwise you may feel anxiety and mild headache over the high altitudes.


6. Avoid Unnecessary Miseries:

Bring a bag that is not too common in airports. For example, bags that are plain black, brown, and blue are the ones carried by most of the people. At the airport, people get frazzled and they may pick your bag in a fuzzle when in a hurry. So, try to bring a bag that has strips and design to differentiate your bag from others.


7. At Layover :

During layovers, killing some time is a major humdrum. So, you can find a gate having very less crowd to spend some time alone while having some rest. Make sure the seating area has a free Wi-Fi connection, and a power outlet.


8. A Portable Charger:

A portable charger is a must-bring electronic device. You can easily charge your phone during a layover. For a long-haul journey, it seems very helpful. Otherwise, you have to wander here and there if the battery of your phone drops.


9. Be alert at the airport:

On the layover, don’t sit such carelessly that you forget to listen to the announcement of your flight. If you are listening to music then keep the volume low so that you don’t miss the announcements.


10. TakeLeft:

While entering the security check move forward to the left. Most of the people chose to move right so, the left lane can be slightly less crowdie than the right lane of the security checkpoint.


11. Follow Signage:

If you are moving from one gate to another or in terminals then follow signage. Sometimes at unfamiliar airports, one may get lost in the way. So, if you simply follow the signs then it is the best way to move independently and confidently.


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