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Things you Should Know to Survive During a Layover


Layover is a stop when you have to shift for another flight or a connecting flight. During longer layovers, Moreover things you should know to Survive During a Layover at the terminal. Flights with layovers are considered as the cheapest flights to travel than the direct flights.

A layover can be refreshing because you can spend some time in a lounge to hunker down. But, the real problem occurs when layovers are longer than you desire which can be challenging.

Activities to Avoid Boredom

To avoid boredom you can do various activities like reaching the coffee shop and food courts.

  1. Take a nap at the lounge.
  2. After having a good sleep you can make new friends who are also waiting for their flight and feel like hell all alone.
  3. If you like reading then you can have a novel or magazine to utilize your time.

What if you want to leave the airport during a layover?

It depends, how long is your layover? There must be a large gap between your landing flight and next flight.

If the layover is in another country then before leaving the airport you need to go through the customs and immigration of that country.

Do you need a visa for your layover point?

If you’re simply transiting through the airport then you do not need a visa for that country. But, to leave the airport you may need a visa. Research that the country you are going to enter requires a visa or not.

Can you leave the airport during a layover?

You can leave the airport if you want to explore an extra country along the way. But, make sure you have enough time to explore the city and return within time. If the flight is offering a minimum of 6 hours of layover then you should think of leaving the airport.

Plan the outing carefully otherwise you can miss your flight. As a result, hassles may occur to deal with such situation.

Where is the luggage during a layover?

Airlines transfer the luggage to your next flight if it is a short layover. Sometimes they are not able to do so or the layover is so long that they can’t tag your luggage for the destination. In such a situation find a luggage locker area and keep your luggage there.

Some airlines have eliminated this facility of locking the luggage to prevent security issues. Find a bus stand or railway station where you can keep your luggage safe in the cloakroom. You have to pay the charges on an hourly basis.

What to Do If You Miss Your Layover Flight?

In case the flight is missed due to the airline’s fault then the airline will book the next flight for you.

Otherwise, if the flight is missed due to your fault then get ready to fly for high or stay grounded. It is going to be a very costly mistake because the re-purchase of a ticket for the next flight can be expensive. It’s full time and money wastage because, in search of the cheapest flight ticket; you may end up spending extra money in rebooking of ticket after missing the flight.

Bottom lines

To survive a long layover there are things you Should Know to Survive During a Layover you must be careful of your timings. Also, it can be more costly if you purchase too much at the duty-free shops. Don’t spend extra money on a neck pillow, water bottle, headphones, and other essentials. Try to keep them in your handbag or purse which you carry with yourself from home. Visit Mintfares for Booking Cheap flights to India 

Further to avoid such a situation you must book a direct flight or the connecting flight of the same airline. If both the legs are of different airlines then there is no airline who will take charge of missing the baggage or the next leg.