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Find Out How To Avail Cheap Flights During COVID Pandemic



The covid19 pandemic has been an unprecedented storm that mankind was not prepared for. The material, emotional, and structural loss has been formidable and irreparable. The global economy witnessed an all-time decline and millions of people were pushed into poverty.

One domain that has been the hardest hit by the pandemic has been the airline sector. The obstruction in international and national travelling has jeopardized the lives of thousands of airline workers.

But, nonetheless, with the proliferation of the vaccines, there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. It is noteworthy to mention that vaccines are of immense significance for the USA to India flights.

The United States has achieved monumental strides in vaccinating its people and is slowly moving towards a mask-free era. More than 30 percent of the USA population is vaccinated and the number is rising at a rapid rate.

The country has made face masks optional for people who are fully vaccinated in areas of sparse crowds. So, the USA is very cautious regarding its international entry policies as the fear regarding new strains is at an all-time high. Wondering who can book USA to India flights & when will normal travel begin, check out the details here.

If you are looking to book a USA to India flight, make sure that you are fully inoculated. India’s vaccination drive – the most comprehensive in the world – has been successful so far.

Both of India’s vaccines – Covishield and Covaxin and are accepted by the USA for entry into their soil. If you are travelling for education, then being fully vaccinated is mandatory for getting admitted into international universities of the USA, UK, and so on.

As per the latest guidelines of the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), fully vaccinated people can freely travel freely within the country but all precautionary measures are to be taken. Inoculated travelers to the USA are neither required to get a covid test done nor self-isolate for 14 days after their arrival.

It is noteworthy to mention that a person is considered fully vaccinated after two weeks of getting their final dose of vaccine. Although covid tests are not mandatory for Indians travelling to the USA, the opposite is the case for travelers from the USA. They are required to get a covid19 test done either in the USA or in Indian airports.

Currently, Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai extend covid tests to the incoming passengers. Check out the best economy class airlines from the USA to India today!

Although vaccines do not entirely prevent covid19 infection, they considerably reduce the severity of the disease and reduce hospitalization. As such, offering much-needed relief to the health infrastructure.

Vaccines are vital for everyone, especially those suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, pulmonary problems, and so on. Senior citizens must get themselves inoculated as they are more prone to covid19 complications and getting vaccinated can tremendously reduce the risk of fatalities and other risks.

Likewise, the vaccines of covid19 are safe and effective and everyone should get them at the earliest possible time.

If you are looking for the USA to India flights and you are not fully vaccinated, make sure that you book your tickets on a date after your inoculation is fully done. Getting a single dose or being partially vaccinated is not enough for international travel.

We must remember that vaccines are the only way to stop the menace of covid19 and get back to our normal lives.


Airfares, especially international airfares, during the pandemic can be quite expensive and steep. Unplanned expenses related to air travel can, in fact, burn a hole in your pocket and jeopardize your entire budget.

There are some generic and some particularized tips and tricks that may assist you in booking the cheapest possible USA to India flight during these tough times of the Covid19 pandemic, or otherwise. While you are at it, don’t forget to adhere to the preflight health checklist to ensure your safety.

  • Flexibility is the Key – Few websites and blogs on the Internet may suggest that booking air tickets on a Tuesday or travelling on a weekday would save you money. But, this is not always the case. The crucial part is to check the airfares for the entire month to get a holistic picture of the prices that you may see while booking. Thereafter, you can reschedule your travel itinerary according to the date with the lowest airfare. Thus, flexibility is the key to saving some coins while reserving flight tickets.
  • Incognito Mode is the Savior – It is a known fact that searching for airfares in a usual web browser inflates and accelerates the price of air tickets after a while. So, the trick is to use the incognito mode of your browser while looking for flights so that your previous searches are not stored and you won’t see a hike in airfares. Other smart alternatives include clearing your cookies and browsing from two laptops or tablets to avoid drastic price fluctuations while reserving airline tickets.
  • Vocal for Local – Similar to everything else in our lives, going local is a viable solution. Local airlines are the optimal technique to grab amazing deals and book yourself the USA to India cheapest flight that is available.
  • Tweak the Currency if Possible – This is a trick used by experienced travelers to get cheap air tickets. Most airlines ask you to make payment in the currency of the country you are traveling from, but there may be alternative options wherein you can pay in any currency that is cheaper than your own. But, it is noteworthy to highlight that while making payment via cheaper foreign currencies, make sure that your credit card does not levy any foreign transaction fee, otherwise the whole purpose of this ingenious trick will be defeated.
  • Advance Booking is your Best Friend – If you are sure about your date of departure and destination, the appropriate decision is to book the flight immediately. Advanced booking is a fool-proof and phenomenal tactic of saving money while booking the international USA to India flights.
  • Fare Alerts to the Rescue – While scouring the Internet for air tickets, make sure to set fare alerts on the official airlines’ websites and also in trustworthy third-party apps. By using this simple trick, you will be able to know the special offers, discount codes, flash sales, and so on. You can also follow the social media pages of airlines to remain updated on their offers. Moreover, few airlines like Indigo and Spice extend special discounts to students, senior citizens, army personnel, and so on. Make sure that you thoroughly check their availability before the final call.
  • Be Accommodative if that is an option – In case you are travelling for leisure and indecisive about your destination, consider choosing a place where the flight tickets are the cheapest at the moment and near future. For instance, air tickets to India are the cheapest during January and you can either spontaneously make the choice of travelling to India in January or plan your trip accordingly. Being accommodative of the destination is a great way to save money and quench your wanderlust, simultaneously.
  • Don’t Forget the Flight Points – If you are a frequent flier of a specific airline, you must be earning air miles points as a part of the loyalty program offered by the airline. Vistara, Indigo and several other airlines extend privileges to their frequent fliers. You can use them to get cheaper flight fares. Certain airlines also provide extra baggage to specific demographics like students or health care professionals, so please ensure to check them out as well.
  • Compare and Buy – Several travel search engines and third-party haves show an inflated airfare as they take some portion of the commission from the airline. So, the optimal method is to go for search engines that Google flights that reveal the lowest possible airfare, and that for long-standing periods. Few websites also have price comparison tools that you can utilize to book the USA to India cheapest flight.
  • Connecting Flights can Save you Coins – Nonstop flights are a rarity as much as they are pricey. If time is not a constraint for you, then go for connecting flights as they tend to be much cheaper than direct flights. It is important to mention that most of the connecting international flights with two or three stops are comparable to direct flights in terms of comfort and luxury. Well, booking USA to India nonstop flights is the best option when you are travelling last-minute and have major time-related constraints.
  • Other Things to Keep In Mind – As per credible research, if you reserve your air ticket at midnight between Mondays through Wednesdays, there is the widest possible scope of grabbing the cheapest plane tickets. Moreover, you should look out for cash backs as they are an amazing trick to save money while reserving the USA to India flights. Avoid booking international plane tickets during peak seasons as the fares exponentially shoot up during these times. For example, airfares to the USA turn extremely steep around the 4th of July celebration. Likewise, plane tickets to India become really expensive before major festivals like Diwali or Holi.
  • Non-refundable tickets – By rule, non-refundable tickets are cheaper than refundable ones. So, if you are absolutely sure of your travel dates and destination, go for a non-refundable ticket if saving money is your priority. You can also reserve a round trip ticket as they are cheaper than one-way.
    International plane tickets can be heavy on your pocket. A well-planned trip is the most appropriate and smartest way to book the USA to India cheapest flights from the comfort of your home.


We are well aware of the fact that flights can be long and uncomfortable; especially a long USA to India flight that takes hours on end. The minimal leg space, hard seats, and stuffy ambiance can take a toll on even the merriest of people. But, there are some easy tips that will surely make your flight more comfortable.

  • Take a neck pillow to enjoy a light, comfortable nap during your flight. You can also take in your warm shawl to keep the cool air conditioning at bay.
    Do not forget to keep your vaccination certificate and RT PCR or Rapid Test report handy as they might be required any minute during your travel.
  • Wearing comfortable shoes and clothes is the key to making flights more doable. Tennis or jogging shoes are the best bet for air travel. When it comes to clothes, loose trousers and T-shirts are the way to go. Throwing on a jacket is always a good idea when you are traveling as it might get really chilly on flights.
  • Carry a small handbag or waist bag along with your hand luggage to store essentials like your phone, hand sanitizer, extra face masks, medicines, and so on.
  • Pre-book your seats so that you can have a comfortable flight in the seat of your choice. It is always a good decision to pre-book your seats and not to reserve them at the check-in counter. In this way, you can fly on your desired seat and enjoy your journey.
  • You can also pre-book your meals to indulge in some delicacies on your flight.
  • Fully charging the phone battery and the laptop are essential if you want to engage in some entertainment or work on your laptop. Never forget to carry an earphone or headset to not disturb your fellow passengers while streaming something on your phone or laptop.
  • Lastly, on your next USA to India flight, you can also carry a light book for some fun reading during your flight. If you did not pre-book your in-flight meal, consider taking some dry snacks like chocolate bars to satiate the hunger pangs.


we can safely assert that the precautionary measures that countries are taking by making vaccines mandatory for air travel is a positive step that will curb and mitigate the proliferation of covid19.