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Most Amazing Travel Hacks For Your Next Air Flight Booking!


When it comes to booking air flight tickets, people use to spend a lot of time in searching an affordable deal. But a worthy knowledge about some of the hacks can help you to avail tickets within your budget. All you need to do is to remain active and get connected to the market scenario so that you don’t miss any of the amazing deal.


Here we are discussing some of the best ways or hacks to save more on your next air flight booking:


Pre-book Flights

Pre-booking your flights 30-40 days before your departure is always fruitful. You can save a lot of money using this hack, especially when you are going on a long-haul journey. Last-minute flights  generally cost more than pre-booked websites. So next time you book flights keep this thing in mind.


Book in incognito mode

The normal mode of search engine indeed saves cookies. Because of it, you see higher prices of airfares. To avoid this problem, start searching and making bookings in incognito mode (private window). Also, you should search in one device and make a booking on another device. It will help to save money.


The Inception Method:

If you want adventure in your life and want to enjoy a free holiday within a holiday, then try to pick a deal involving a stopover city. In this way, you can explore a new place without paying any additional cost.


Identify Multiple Booking Techniques:

By getting aware of the several methods, you can grab the best deals with an amazing price. All it requires is a few minutes of your day so that you can study the fare of multiple airlines and different booking methods.


Think About the Cookies:

Flight prices do increase when a particular route repeats and based upon on your cookies, you witness fluctuation in the prices of your next flight. Increasing your urgency to buy will punish you for trying to get a good deal.


Know About the cheapest days/time to fly:

When it comes to cheapest days and time to fly, flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and evenings can save you from paying more. On the other hand, if you book a flight on Saturdays; then you end up paying extra for your flight. So try to check prices on different days and at different times to grab the best rates.


Avoid booking in Festival season

You must know that the festival season is quite expensive. The reason behind this is the higher demand for flight tickets at this time. Almost everyone is travelling at this time. So, if not urgent then avoid booking flights at this time. Yes, you can try to travel on the exact festival day. Flights can be quite cheaper on this day because people have already arrived at their destinations.


Make your payments using Credit Cards

This hack helps you to give rewards or points for your next journey. If you are a credit card user, then don’t miss the chance to grab these rewards. You can use or redeem these rewards on your next journey.


Go for Round Trips

Round trips are like a boon for the travellers. If your journey is planned, and you are sure about the departure and return date then book round trip rather that one way. You will be surprised to know that round trips are generally way to cheaper than that of one way.


Fly in Dark

Most of the people indeed prefer to fly in the night hours. You can take advantage of this fact, if you can do it. Choose night flights and save money on your air travel. Dark flights generally cost low than the day flight tickets.


Be Loyal to your Airline

You should be loyal to your airline. It means if you are a frequent flyer, then you should fly in your airline, it makes you a loyal customer of the airline. You will get rewards as an upgrade in this way sometimes. Airlines only prefer to provide an upgrade to the loyal customers.


Choose What – Direct Or Indirect Flights:

If you want to save more on your next outing, then Direct flights are the most convenient option. Talking about the indirect flights, it just adds up a couple of hours to the journey.



Q1. Do flight prices go up the more you search?

Ans: When it comes to booking flights, in particular, you can see prices going up in real time as you‘re searching airfares online. So, the airlines bump up your price and you pay it. It’s a win-win situation, but only for the airline. They get your money plus they get a higher price than you should be paying.

Q2. How do you hack an airline ticket?


  • Use Google Flights to find the cheapest destinations from your airport. …
  • Look for flights Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays which are less busy—and sometimes less expensive—days.
  • Book an open-jaw, multi-city, or one-way trip

Q3. Can I book a round trip ticket and not use the return?

Ans: Because roundtrip airline tickets are sometimes less expensive than one-way tickets, some travelers purchase the less expensive roundtrip fare and simply do not use the return portion. Doing it this way is fairly easy to accomplish, but certain restrictions can add considerable complications to the process.



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