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In 20 Days New & Better Traffic Patterns For Cars At Chennai Airport


There has been planning by Airports Authority of India (AAI) to introduce a separate entry/exit for domestic and international terminals as part of a new traffic pattern for cars in 20 days. On Monday, a three-hour trial held between 2 pm and 5 pm showed that changes in signages inside the airport and on the GST road were needed to prevent the cars from getting confused about the routes. Scheduled for Tuesday, the authority has called off the trial based on the feedback received.

“The trial helped us identify some drawbacks in signages on the campus and also on the GST road. There was some confusion as international passengers reached the domestic terminal. There was no problem for the domestic travelers who took the correct route to reach the first-floor terminal. But travelers who drove into the airport from the Tambaram side of the GST Road had some issues.” Said a senior official of AAI.

AAI will discuss to have a U-turn near old airport building in Meenambakkam with the highways department. He also added “We will have to remove some of the signages installed inside the airport as they were not visible to motorists despite being huge. Some more signages will have to be installed on the GST road after talking to the highways department”.

The vehicles that come to domestic and international departures will be entering the airport using two entries from GST road and will be routed from two new ramps that will be connecting to the flyover in front of the terminals as per the plan. Cars that will be dropping off passengers at these two terminals will be having separate exits, which is planned so they wouldn’t have to cross the other terminal on their way out.


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