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All You Need to Know: What Happens If You Miss Your Flight?


Your travel itinerary should be ready before arriving at the airport and boarding the flight, but most importantly, you should plan everything so that you arrive on time. However, on time here implies at least 60-90 minutes before departure; otherwise, you can miss your flight and all your plans will be in vain. Hence, always take all the precautions to avoid a worse situation. You should know the consequences of what happens if you miss your flight? This blog post will clarify everything and assist in reducing anxiety in such a situation.

To deal with the missing flight situation, you should first focus on how to solve the problem and arrive at your destination on time without further delay. It’s not easy as you have invested your hard earned money and now you have missed it. And again you have to spend a hefty amount on the ticket plus have to wait also.

If it was a business trip then, it can be stressful as you can lose a deal or anything worse. But we can help you in keeping you calm and get you the solution of your problem. Just read the full post and keep these points in mind while traveling.


What happens if you miss your flight while boarding?

If you know that you are going to be late for the airport, then call your airline immediately and let them figure out a solution before its too late. The only alternative that you can go for is to rebook the flight with the same airline without any extra fees.

But we have seen some incidents where airlines do charge fees for missing the flight as a penalty. For a prompt remedy, you must call the customer care at the airport or airline directly and preserve your USA to India flight booking.


Steps to be taken in case of missed flight:

We understand that staying calm and composed in such a situation is impossible, but it is the only option that will help you get the solution more quickly. Moreover, you can get some better ideas without getting anxious as, if you have missed the flight, you can only board the next one. Other than that you can do nothing.

To book the next flight we have shortlisted the best tips to be followed. Some of the steps are described below, which you can go through and take help from to overcome such an emergency.

Contact the airlines-

This will be the initial step, always. Call the airline as soon as you miss your flight. If you are not at the airport, then search for their number and contact them before reaching the airport. When you arrive at the airport, go directly to the counter of the airline.

If you are getting large due to some unavoidable circumstances, then the airline can provide an alternative and book your next flight without any extra charge.

Besides that, you should always try to reach the airport before the scheduled time of the flight and book last minute flights USA to any other destination from the finest site that will provide excellent customer service during your trip.

Look for direct connecting flights-

Don’t be too anxious, if you have missed your flight, instead, be prepared for what to do next. In most cases, almost all major airlines rebook other flights for passengers without charging any extra fees. But all this depends on the passengers’ justification for missing the flight or how passenger explains it.

In some cases, airlines book without even asking for the reason and book automatically the next direct flight to your selected destination. In this case, you don’t even have to take any pain as your airlines is there for you.

Same-day flight change schedule-

If you have missed your flight and want a guaranteed seat on the next flight, then you must request a same-day flight from the airline, but this request should be in a timeframe. As some airlines will need the request for the modification prior to the actual flight’s departure.

While others will allow you to book even if you have already checked in for your first journey. However, at latest an hour’s notice is must to move on the bags on your new flight. And if you have a premium status then, many airlines will book the free same day flights too.

Check out your insurance plans-

Some insurance companies reimburse some or all of the flying expenditure, condition being that the reason should be valid and it should demonstrate that it was not your fault. And rebook your flights to India from Canada from the refund you got. The reason of missing the flight should be unavoidable otherwise it can be expensive for you.

Buy a new cheap flight-

Last but most important point to note is that if you arrive late at the airport by more than 6 hours then, you won’t get a free replacement of your ticket. You can call the airline and try to negotiate for free booking; otherwise you have to pay extra.

Here, the insurance comes in helpful. Therefore, always book your international tickets wisely after reading all the guidelines, especially ‘what happens if you miss your flight’ clause.



The aforementioned solution will definitely help you in case you miss your flight in the future. Nevertheless, try to leave your place early and reach the airport on time. Always plan your arrival time, keeping checking and other things in mind, so that you do not miss the flight.

Be prepared with the schedule one day before the departure of your flight and try not to miss the flight. In unavoidable situations, you can get help from your travel partners or airlines directly or can take help from these notes too. Additionally, for cheap flight bookings and amazing offers, you can contact MintFares and enjoy your vacation in decided budget.