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A Complete Guide for Traveling with Senior Citizens


Sometimes traveling can be troublesome, especially when you are traveling with senior citizens and are unaware of the facilities you can make use of to have a hassle-free travel. Hence, be updated when traveling with senior citizens and manage the entire itinerary without any stress. There are many facilities and privileges provided to the senior citizens, when traveling by air. And if you are unsure of the process, then stay tuned and read the full post to explore the tips for a hassle-free journey with senior citizens.

In long-haul flights, elderly people can get uneasy and if you have booked economy class ticket then, it can be more inconvenient for them because of the less space for their legs and no reclining chairs. Moreover, senior passengers can have some medical conditions like- hypertension; heart related problems and others which can cause difficulty while air travel. Keeping in mind the situation there is requirement of comfortable seats and proper medical assistance. Thus, you should read the policies of the airlines while booking tickets and avail all the facilities, as the charges are included in the ticket only. So, if you are planning to book flight tickets to India for your elderly members then go through the tips given below and make their trip a memorable one rather than an annoying one.


Tips to Travel with Senior Citizens


Mobility Assistance for Senior Passengers:

Many senior citizens have mobility issues due to medical issues or old age. There is a mobility assistance facility at the airport that can help your family members and allow them to enjoy the enjoyable flight if you are traveling with elderly family members who are also experiencing mobility issues.

Mobility facilities generally include- wheelchair and mobility scooter rentals. For more ease, you can even pre-book these mobility vehicles and ensure quick access. Moreover, many times the airline crew also provides in-flight mobility assistance. When traveling with senior citizens these things should be in the minds of every passenger. This will ease out the travel journey for both, senior citizens as well as for you. You should check the mobility facility before booking the flight tickets, if you are traveling with elderly persons.

Senior Passenger Priority Boarding:

Airlines understand that senior citizens can’t wait too long in lines and need to board the flight first. So, crew members are ready to help the elders onboard the flight before other passengers as a priority. This process helps the old passengers fly comfortably without rushing while boarding. In fact, it reduces the anxiety of the senior citizens by avoiding the crowd and preventing them from going through this tiring procedure of boarding. Check these priorities before booking flight tickets US to India and be stress-free about the procedure of boarding.

Special Dietary Requirements:

Many airlines nowadays offer special dietary meals in their menu due to the restrictions and many medical conditions of their passengers. It is seen that many lifestyle diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension are common in elderly citizens, and for their health concerns and in-flight experience, airlines have introduced special meals for lactose intolerance, diabetic patients, and others as per the requirements. You can order meals for your members without compromising their health. Meals should be worth the money you have paid for the ticket. In-flight experience for senior citizens will be dependent on food to some extent, so check all details before getting into any trouble.

Choose the right seat for Senior Passengers:

As a passenger you should know that airlines provide special seats to senior citizens to ensure more comfort. In fact, airlines suggest that in long-haul flights book comfortable seats for elderly flyers. Because the seats for senior citizens have more space for legs and are close to the restroom. Also, if you feel that booking these special seats can be expensive for you then book your flight tickets to India with us at MintFares.

Discount for Senior Citizens on flight booking:

Many airlines have special offers if you are traveling with senior citizens. You can save your money in booking tickets and can get additional facilities like priority boarding, special meals etc. for their comfort. For more discounts and offers you can even turn on notifications from a finest site. At the same time, for additional discounts you can contact our team anytime.

Language Assistance for more Convenience:

It is possible that senior citizens can face language barriers, to overcome this problem language assistance is provided at the information desk of the airport. Communication barrier can cause great trouble and if you have no one to assist you to break this barrier then passengers can feel anxious during the whole journey which can be bad for their health. Always make sure that you opt for the language assistance to avoid any inconvenience. This will help in making the entire journey easier and comfortable.



The above tips are necessary to note if you are traveling with elderly people or if senior members of your family are traveling alone. In both the cases, these points will be helpful. But we will suggest that drop the latter option as it can be stressful for them to travel alone. However, if there is a group travel then you can let them fly with the group. Make sure booking comfortable seats for them along with proper medical assurance. This will not only enhance the in-flight experience but also help the passengers travel without stress and reach their final destination in comfort. For any inquiry regarding Canada to India flights or USA to India flights, you can contact us.