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Travel Tips: 5 Best Tips For a Successful Solo Journey To India


Planning a solo trip to India? It is not necessary that you’ll always find a partner for a trip. Sometime you have to go alone on a journey. Solo trip is also a good idea if you are confident enough to handle all things alone.

Here Are Best Ways To Make Your Solo Journey Successful: 

Be An Early Bird:

The very first tip is “start your day early”. There is no benefit in wandering in the night pubs; rather than this, you should wake up early and start your day before others. This will help you in reaching the famous travel spots before anyone else and avoid the crowd. Then there will be no need to stand in the long queues for tickets and you can visit the popular attractions


Do Research Before Traveling:


Before booking your flight tickets to India know about the place you are going to visit. You have to research about the destination properly so you become aware of the basic things at the destination city. You must be aware of the spots where you can find good food, accommodation, and popular tourist places.

Top cities to travel in India are Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Bangalore, and Kerala. Visiting a completely unknown place can be unsafe and also you can waste your time exploring unnecessary things. Do plenty of research about the place and then expect accordingly. After research, you will come to know what things you have to be prepared for. Also, at the destination, use Google maps while roaming around.


Stay At A Comfy Place With The Best Ratings:

Stay At A Comfy Place With The Best Ratings

Journey can be better if you are getting good sleep and a comfy environment for rest. Reserve the accommodation after proper research about each place. Read the reviews of customers before booking any hotel. From the reviews, you can get the idea of the accommodation and make your expectations accordingly.

Traveling solo might make you feel more vulnerable when you aren’t staying at a nice place. Don’t book a low rated hotel to save some pennies because it might destroy your journey while staying at an uncomfortable place. Book a hotel near the city center has the best customer review so you can stay peacefully.


Talk To other Travelers:

Talk To other Travelers

While traveling keeps an open mind, you’ll meet different people from all over the world and talk to them nicely. Talking to other people gives you a chance to know about people from different corners of the world and you learn many things. You can meet interesting people on the bus, hotel, or any shop. One of the best ways to start talking to new people is “sharing food with others”. In this way, you’ll be guaranteed to start a nice conversation.

Try to move with the people who are on the same journey with you. It can help you in sharing food, fare, and spending some time together. Also, you can get to know about many interesting people who can surprise you on your journey.


Stay Safe on Your Trip:

Whether you are traveling with anyone else or solo, safety comes first. Traveling solo means you have to be alert every moment. There will be no one to look out when you will face any problem; it is only you who have to come out powerful at such a situation. Be aware of your surroundings if you feel like someone is following you then avoid walking in a deserted area and move to the crowd.

Take care of yourself and always keep a business card from your hotel with you so in case if you ever get truly lost, you can find a taxi to take you back. If you are an alcoholic then don’t drink too much alcohol. You should know your limits because there’s no one else to trust.


Some FAQ: 

1.> Where I can go for a solo trip to India?

To spend some time following places would be best for a solo trip to India:

  • Rajasthan
  • Udaipur
  • Shimla
  • Leh
  • Manali
  • Rishikesh
  • Goa
  • Gangtok


2.> Is it safe to travel alone in India?

Yes, it is safe to travel solo in India but make sure you aren’t wandering in the streets at night. Also, you must pick the destinations that are safe to visit alone. Avoid deserted places to keep yourself protected from pickpockets.


3.> Can women travel solo in India?

Yes, India is a good option for solo women travelers. Every year many women travelers come here alone to visit the tourist places, spiritual temples, meditation, and yoga centers.


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