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Travel Hacks For First-Time Flyers From Canada to India


Flying first time from Canada to India? Don’t just book. First time flyers not know much about airplane journeys. Here are some travel hacks for first-time flyers from Canada to India. Never feel ashamed of exploring more about the things you not know. It will help you to make your journey easy, comfortable and affordable too. So if it is your first flight from Canada to India  try these travel hacks and make your journey better.

Search In Incognito

First of all search for the flight open it in Incognito mode (in a private window). It will clear all the cookies and shows you the fair results. Whenever you search in a normal mode search engine saves your history and there are chances of increment in prices for your searches. Hence press ctrl+shift+N and search for flights here.

Use the Best Flight Search Engines

We all are dependent on the search engine’s results. We trust our search engine, so always choose your search engine carefully. Try to use the best search engines. Just fill the place, date and time of your travel. You will get the best and cheapest search results. But yes don’t forget to synchronize this in incognito mode for the best and unbiased results.

Find the Cheapest Days to Fly

You might not know that ticket fares are not the same every day. It keeps on changing, so try to book flights accordingly. Keep gazing at the fares and book flights only when they decrease (If it’s not urgent). Usually, festival seasons and New Year come with expensive fares. Avoid booking these days because they are considered as busiest days.

Find the Cheapest Place to Fly

You will surprise to know that fares also depend on the choice of your place. Your final destination will be fixed just change your boarding point in your country. Check your flights from different cities in your country. It will make a huge change in the fare. Choose the place where you are getting the best tickets.

Sign Up for Alerts

You should also sign up for alerts on airplane tickets booking websites. That’s how you will keep getting alerts for your ticket fares. It will help you to choose the best tickets for your journey. It works as a reminder for you.

Don’t Always Fly Direct

Want to save more? Try to not book direct tickets. If you have enough time and you are not flying in a hurry then you can opt for transfer flights. Ticket costs will be quite sensible and sense-making. You will save your money in your pockets if you apply this travel hack.

See What Perks your Credit Card Offers

Almost every credit card company offers points on bookings by credit cards. So if you have one then don’t hesitate to book by using credit card. After booking you will get points for your next flight also. These points keep add on and you can redeem them for your next journey.

Go to the Airline’s Own Site

Always try to book from reliable resources. Book from aggregator’s website only when you get the flight fares the same as airline’s sites. Websites like Mintfares, Flydealfare, and Kayak help you to find the best results. But still, cross-check on the Airline’s site and then book the best deal.

Go for Return Flights

If you are certain about the return dates also then don’t think for a second to book return tickets also. One-sided tickets cost more than that of double-sided tickets. The reason behind this is airlines want to do more business. So go for return flights and save the money.

Check-in Before Time

You are flying for the first time; check-in ahead of time. If you have an option of checking-in online then do it. And get your boarding pass online. It will save your time. On the other hand, if you are traveling with luggage you can check-in online while checking your bags on security. So it is a better idea to check-in before time.

Talk to Flight Attendants

If you need any kind of help in flight then you must talk to the attendants. They feel happy to help you, so there is no need to feel hesitated for asking anything. Being a first-time flyer you might be unaware of lots of things and it’s totally fine.

Do not overdo with drinks

You will get many facilities while flying but be very careful with your health. Some airlines serve you drinks for free but don’t drink in access. It will cause severe headaches for you. Medically it affects your brain differently at higher altitudes. It can cause jet lag, hangover, and restlessness that will affect your journey after the flight also.

Dress Comfortable

Don’t make a mistake of dressing to impress other people. Just dress to relax because on a long haul journey you can’t survive with heavy and uncomfortable clothes. If you want to make a fashion statement with your dressing sense then you should know that other passengers don’t care what you are wearing or how you are looking. So wear simple clothes while flying.

Keep Your Shoes On

Wear comfortable shoes and don’t remove them. Yes, it is good to sit comfortably on your seat but taking off your shoes is a bad idea. The reason behind this is the germs on the carpet because these carpets are not washed regularly. So keep wearing shoes and wear comfortable shoes.

Avoid Airplane Food

Along with other amenities, you will get food also. But don’t have food which is not easy to digest. Avoid heavy food. Try to buy some light snacks before the take-off. It is a necessity and responsibility of yours to be healthy while flying.

These are some travel hacks that will help you a lot in your journey of Canada to India.

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