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The Best Waterfalls In India: A Guide To The Most Spectacular


India is a beautiful country that is full of some of the most spectacular sceneries and the most amazing places to see in the whole wide world. When talking about sceneries, India has some really outstanding waterfalls that offer you peace and solace. The waterfalls in India are as spectacular as you might find anywhere else in the whole wide world and some of them are even better than the rest of the world. You can find these natural spectacles all over the beautiful and majestic country known as, India and can visit them at all times of the year but in order for you to witness the mesmerizing views and to see the great Indian water falls at their most spectacular best, you need to head to the southern “ghats” during the monsoons as it is the best season for you to witness these amazing wonders of nature.

India witnesses a high rainfall and this abundance of high rain results in thousands of magical and thunderous waterfalls everywhere you go in the country. This here is a list of the best and the most majestic waterfalls that you can visit in India. Apart from those mentioned here, you can visit hundreds and hundreds of other waterfalls all over the country if you wish to.

Why Are These Particular Waterfalls on the List And What’s There To Like About Them?

Well for starters, they are amazingly beautiful. Apart from this, it has something to do with the power of nature, the principles of gravity, the seductive power that water has over man as one of the basic elements. Whatever the reason may be, thousands of people travel to these destinations every year travel to see these, some of finest miracles that nature has to offer. And of course, India, is home to many of these beauties.

Umbrella Falls:-

These are probably one of the most absolute favourite waterfalls in India which is why they are at the top of the list. The amazing sound that this water fall makes is absolutely astounding as you witness tonnes and tonnes of water come crashing down every second giving you a relaxed feeling. Perhaps the best thing about this water fall is the little bridge which crosses over its base and is like something that you witness in a fantasy tale. Located about 53 km from the town of Nashik in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra it is one of the nature’s finest marvels and absolutely deserve a visit from you.

Hogenakkal Waterfall:-

The Hogenakkal waterfall is also one of the best and truly one of the most spectacular series of waterfalls in the Indian subcontinent and is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu. You can check out its beautiful pictures and get an idea of its beauty as it has a huge complex of waterfalls in the middle of the River Kaveri in the Dharmapuri area which together make a pretty breathtaking view and definitely deserve a visit especially when you are in the area.

Abby Falls:-

The Abby falls are one of the prettiest gifts that you might receive from mother nature and are situated in the deepest parts of down south in the western ghats of the state of Karnataka. This beauty of a waterfall which has a lovely pool at the bottom can satiate your desire to take a dip especially if you fancy a dip in nature waters. Since it is situated close to the tiny town of Madikeri, you can find a nice home stay and spend some splendid time with your loved ones.

Kiliyur Waterfalls:-

Kiliyur water falls are also part of the western ghats in the southern part of the country and you need to visit them in order to witness adventure and peace all at the same time. They might not be as spectacular as the other water falls in India, they surely offer a lot for their size and location. These waterfalls serve as a run of from the Yerc and river and witness a drop of almost 300 feet. In order to visit them, you have to make your way to the Shervaoyan hill range in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Papanasam Waterfall:-

This series of amazing and spectacular falls is located in the state of Tamil Nadu on the beautiful Tamravarni River. Most hindus across the country consider the waters of this river to be holy and pious and this is why these water falls are an important pilgrimage site where a small village has cropped up around the falls with local entrepreneurs attempting to sell the wares, thanks to a large number of people flocking in the area to visit the popular pilgrimage site.

Savdav Waterfall:-

Savdav is another one of the most incredibly beautiful waterfalls of India that offer a scenic view with water gushing down over the rock face shrouding it in mist and mystery. This is a waterfall that comes up every monsoon season and is perhaps the only reason that makes it so special, apart from being really beautiful. In case you fancy walking down a trek, you have to cover roughly ten kilometres from the nearby town of Kankavli. Make sure that the waterfall is running before you start your journey so that you don’t get disappointed in the end. It is best that you visit this place around the end of June to early September as it is the only time that you will see this spectacle.

Kolli Hills Waterfall:-

The Kolli hills water fall is also one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country of India and is neatly located within a stunning valley close to the amazing town of Salem.

Make sure that you enjoy your time at these destinations and have a great time in the lap of nature. These waterfalls are some of the best in the world so it is advisable that you pay a visit during the monsoons. Make sure that you get your bookings done in advance to avoid heavy rush. If you’re interested in taking a tour around the best waterfalls then use the travel planner that offers the best services and a tailor made quote to go with your trip. If you are booking a flight on your own make sure that you get the best flight offers from USA to India and save some extra cash.


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