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Testing of 3-D technology for carry-on bags at JFK Airport!


Passengers at JFK Airport in New York will soon be experiencing a test of more advanced and three-dimensional imaging to screen for carry-on bags.

On Thursday, the TSA and American Airlines stated that a test of computed-tomography scanners will be starting later this month at Terminal 8 of JFK.

To get a better idea of what’s inside a bag, the machines let screeners manipulate 3-D images.

The advantage of 3D technology to standard traditional X-ray is what most travelers are seeing at airport checkpoints, that a TSA officer can rotate the image digitally for examining a suspicious item without unpacking a bag.

To highlight suspicious materials, the color image can also be programmed which could someday reduce the need for removing laptops or separating larger containers of liquids from carry-on bags.

Similar tests in Phoenix and Boston are being done by TSA since last year.

To scan checked bags TSA uses 3-D imaging, but until recently for use at security checkpoints the scanners have been too large and heavy. So screeners use older X-ray technology to inspect carry-on bags.

3-D scanning will improve security right away as TSA Administrator David Pekoske remarked.

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