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Singapore Airline Baggage Allowance & Restricted Items


Singapore Airline is considered as the world’s best airline for 2019. The overall facilities of this airline are really customer satisfying due to its convenience, food, wine, and many more facilities.  In 2019 on all flights of the Singapore airlines pre-ordering of in-flight food facility is also available.

Not only facilities the crew members will make sure you sleep comfortably in the flight. Solo travelers, as well as families, are getting the best services here so; if you are planning for your next journey then Singapore Airline is going to be best for you.

Coming to the Singapore Airline Baggage Allowance  you must adhere to the following requirements:


Cabin Baggage Allowance:

Class of travel No of bags Max. Dimension (l+b+h) Weight limit
First Class/ Business Class 2 Bags 115cm 7kg each
Economy/ Premium Economy Class 1 Bag 115cm 7kg


Additional items allowed Onboard (Country restrictions may apply): The maximum dimensions for these bags are 40x30x10cm each.

  • Ladies’ handbag
  • Camera / Camera bag
  • Document bag
  • Laptop / Notebook in bag
  • Infant’s amenities and food; maximum 6 kg is allowed


Checked Baggage Allowance:

Checked baggage for flights to/from USA:

Class of travel Allowance PPS Club members KrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold members
Suites and First Class 50kg Extra 50kg Extra 20kg
Total: 100kg Total: 70kg
Business Class 40kg Extra 40kg Extra 20kg
Total: 80kg Total: 60kg
Premium Economy Class 35kg Extra 35kg Extra 20kg
Total: 70kg Total: 55kg
Flexi 35kg Extra 30kg Extra 20kg
Total: 65kg Total: 55 kg
Standard 30kg Extra 30kg Extra 20kg
Total: 60kg Total: 50 kg
Lite 30kg Extra 30kg Extra 20kg
Total: 60kg Total: 50 kg


If you are travelling with an infant you have 10kg of baggage allowance. In this case you can check in an item each from the following two categories:

  • A fully collapsible stroller or pushchair
  • Carry-cot or car seat

Elite Gold members of PPS Club or KrisFlyer, can enjoy additional checked baggage allowances on SilkAir.

Fom/To USA Only
Allowance in pieces
Class of travel To/From  USA PPS Club members KrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold members
Suites and First Class 2 pieces, up to 32kg each 2 extra pieces, up to 32kg each 1 extra piece, up to 32kg each
Business Class 2 pieces, up to 32kg each 2 extra pieces, up to 32kg each 1 extra piece, up to 32kg each
Premium Economy Class 2 pieces, up to 23kg each 2 extra pieces, up to 23kg each 1 extra piece, up to 23kg each
Economy Class 2 pieces, up to 23kg each 2 extra pieces, up to 23kg each 1 extra piece, up to 23kg each
The sum of length, width and height of each checked baggage must not exceed 158cm (62 inches).

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To know more about additional baggage charges check the following table between USA and India:

Baggage Type Charges Applied*
Additional Piece of Baggage for all class USD 200
Heavy Charge USD 140
Excess Size USD 140

 For the safety of passengers, airlines have prohibited and restricted some items. These are the items which are considered hazardous to carry in a plane.


Some of the prohibited items by Singapore airline are mentioned below:

  • Explosives, fireworks, and crackers are strictly prohibited.
  • Compressed gases that is flammable, non-flammable, or poisonous.
  • Oxidizing substances such as bleaching powder and peroxides.
  • Flammable liquids (paints & adhesives) and solids (matchbox).
  • Electronic cigarettes or vapes are only allowed in carry-on baggage if permitted by the applicable local laws. But, the use of e-cigarettes in-flight is strictly prohibited.
  • Disabling devices such as pepper sprays and other irritation causing sprays.
  • Poisons such as arsenic, cyanides, or insecticides.
  • Radioactive materials and lithium batteries.
  • Ready to eat a meal.
  • Corrosive materials.
  • Ammunition items including blank spent / empty cartridges.


 List of Restricted items by Singapore Airlines: Restricted items by Singapore Airlines are not allowed as carry-on baggage or must be regulated.

  • Some of them are pointed below:
  • Knives and swords
  • Scissors and other sharp objects like knitting needles.
  • Sports equipment such as baseball/cricket bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, billiard cues
  • Aerosols such as hair sprays, perfumes, should not exceed 0.5kg or 0.5 liters per article and 2.0kg or 2.0 liters in total weight. To prevent the release of such sprays pack the items properly.

The general restriction on these items is for all countries; you carry them in your baggage you must adhere to some regulations as follow:

  • If you want to carry liquids, aerosols, and gels in cabin baggage then carry 100ml of each. Quantity over 100ml is not allowed and even the container over 100 ml is prohibited. So, you must pack such items in a 100 ml container. These containers must be packed in a plastic bag of 1-liter capacity.
  • Containers must be carried in a clear, re-sealable plastic bag. The volume of the bag must not exceed 1 liter.
  • Each passenger is allowed to bring only one plastic bag and it must be presented for x-ray screening at the security point.


Lithium Ion/ Metal Batteries:

Power Capacity Less than 100Wh 100 to 160Wh More than 160Wh
Type of devices Laptops, mobile phones, digital and video cameras Video equipment and portable medical devices Electric Segways, electric bicycles and underwater lamps
Cabin Baggage Allowance In Equipment: Maximum of 20 devices per passenger (combined with checked baggage). In Equipment: Maximum of 2 devices per passenger are allowed. In Equipment: No
Spare/Not in Equipment:
Maximum 20 pieces per passenger. It must be protected from damage and short circuit.
Spare/Not in Equipment:
Maximum of 2 pieces per passenger is allowed and it must be protected from damage and short circuit.
Spare/Not in Equipment: No
Check-in Baggage Allowance In Equipment: Yes
Maximum of 20 devices per passenger (combined with cabin baggage) and must be switched off and protected from inadvertent activation
In Equipment: No In Equipment: No
Spare/Not in Equipment: No Spare/Not in Equipment: No Spare/Not in Equipment: No
Cabin Baggage Allowance
Class of travel Allowance Limitations
Suites           First Class Business Class 2 pieces Up to 7kg each
Sum of length, width and height of each piece should not exceed 115cm.
Premium Economy Class &
Economy Class
1 piece Up to 7kg each                                                  Sum of length, width and height of each piece should not exceed 115cm.

Flying on Multiple Airlines

If the passenger is flying on multiple airlines, the baggage allowances for the itinerary on single tickets, conjunction tickets and separate tickets will be different.

If the itinerary is booked on separate tickets, the baggage allowance printed on each ticket will apply.

For itineraries booked on a single ticket, refer to the information below.

There are two terms to you need to know when flying multiple airlines:

  • First ‘Marketing Carrier’, it refers to the airline that sells the ticket for a flight.
  • And second ‘Most Significant Marketing Carrier’ is the airline whose code can be found on the ticket for the longest geographical or most significant stretch of the journey.


Baggage Tips

Check some useful tips to ensure that your checked baggage arrives safely at your destination:


While Packing

  • Pack your bags within your baggage allowance. You should know that excess baggage charges will be levied beyond the free baggage allowance.
  • Never pack any medication, valuable items or important documents, such as laptops, jewelry, cash, visas, certificates, etc., in your checked baggage.
  • Don’t pack fragile and perishable items in your checked baggage.
  • Write your contact information inside and outside your checked baggage with your full name, permanent address, and email and contact number.
  • Also, remove all baggage tags and labels from previous flights from your checked baggage.


At the Airport

  • Check in your baggage before the check-in counter is closed. Please click here for the check-in counter closure timings.
  • Never check in any baggage whose contents you are not fully aware of.
  • Don’t forget to check-in staff if there are any restricted items or dangerous goods in your checked baggage, such as lithium ion batteries and power banks. Also check a list of restricted items and dangerous goods. If you are unsure whether an item in your checked baggage is a restricted item, clarify with check-in staff
  • Inform the check-in staff of any protruding parts or existing damage to your checked baggage during check-in.
  • Inform the check-in staff of any fragile items in your checked baggage during check-in.
  • Retain the checked baggage receipt given to you by the check-in agent even after arriving at your destination.
  • Check that the passenger name, number of baggage checked in and the destination shown on the checked baggage receipt is correct.
  • Lock your checked baggage. For checked baggage for flights departing to/from the USA, please use only TSA approved locks as non-TSA approved locks will be pried open should your checked baggage be subject to inspection by TSA.
  • Ensure all loose and protruding parts, such as straps and handles, are securely fastened to your checked baggage.

These are some important points about Singapore Airline Baggage policy.

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Q1. What items are not allowed in checked baggage Singapore?

  • Explosives, fireworks, munitions, flares, Christmas crackers, sparklers, party poppers and pyrotechnics.
  • Security-type cases/boxes incorporating goods such as lithium batteries or pyrotechnics.

Q2. What items are not allowed in check in baggage?

  • Dry cell batteries.
  • Knivesscissors, Swiss army knives and other sharp instruments.
  • Toy replicas of fire arms and ammunition.
  • Weapons such as whips, nan-chakus, baton, or stun gun.
  • Electronic devices which cannot be switched off.
  • Aerosols and liquids*


Free Wi-Fi For Premium Flyers On Singapore Airlines

Free Wi-Fi For Premium Flyers On Singapore Airlines