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Priority Pass Benefits Will Offer Many Perks Beyond lounge Access 2018!


Priority Pass isn’t just for lounge access anymore. Previously, Priority Pass has been known for providing memberships to airport lounges. You may have been given Priority Pass membership free of charge when you signed up for a premium credit card. Currently, the company offers access to more than 1,000 lounges in 500 cities around the world.

Priority Pass Expands Beyond Lounges

But now, Priority pass will offer many perks beyond lounge access because it is shifting its focus away from just lounges and move towards to the restaurants and high-end airport suites. This thing will cover a wider variety of perks to keep Priority Pass relevant for the next generation of travelers. Younger travelers and leisure travelers are two markets that are expanding rapidly.

  • Priority Pass currently works with 33 restaurants to offer members the option to dine in the settings they choose instead of inside lounges.
  • Priority Pass recently formed an innovative relationship with a company called Minute Suites in Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
  • The partnership allows Priority Pass members to enjoy lounge access and shower access when passing through the airport.

Enhanced Dining Experiences

Priority Pass is responding by making sure it offers the experiences and personal touches travellers want. It’s achieving this largely through partnerships that offer customers exceptional dining experiences. For more Information visit Mintfares.

Travelers who use Priority Pass in 2018 don’t have to settle for lounge food the way they had to just a few years ago. Partnerships between Priority Pass and acclaimed eateries are making it possible for members to show up at restaurants and enjoy dining credits.