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Choose from numerous affordable deals for your summer holidays! Mint Fares is focused on delivering the best ever services to our clients by providing them fair rates and efficient services from a team of well-skilled executives. We answer every query of yours and help you pick the right Canada to India flight deals, and save a lot of money in the process.

Canada has a large number of immigrants from India, including students who have moved there to pursue further studies. These people usually visit India every year and require affordable flights for the same. Several Canadian tourists coming to India to explore its diversity and cultural richness also look for Canada to India Flight deals that aren’t too heavy on their pockets. 

Visit the land of diversity at low prices

The major routes that receive the most traffic from Canada to India are Mumbai, Delhi, Amritsar and Cochin. You can find cheap flights for these destinations easily through Mint Fares. There is also a lot of flexibility in timing, layovers and fares of flights from Canada to India. You can choose between non-stop flights or flights from Canada with stopovers to reach various Indian cities. Mint Fares offers the best flight deals from Canada to India that includes special discounts to offer low prices. 

Book several months in advance

To avoid last-minute surge pricing and to get the best flight deals from India to Canada, you should book the flight months in advance. This is especially important if you wish to visit India during the festival season when there is a lot of rush of travelers.