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No More Physical Stamping Of Boarding Passes At Delhi Airport (IGI)!


Delhi airport or Indira Gandhi International Airport will phase out the physical stamping of domestic outbound boarding passes. This means this thing will end physical stamping on boarding passes at this airport. This process will start in August onwards with GoAir Passengers flying out Terminal 2 and then extended to other airlines at the 2 terminals (T1 & T2).

  • Those airports that are able to phase out stamping boarding cards will be in a position to take the next step of allowing a completely paperless domestic boarding.
  • This will allow passengers to show their boarding cards on personal electronic devices like mobiles and then need to scan the bar codes at each stage and board plane.
  • For International passengers, paperless boarding is not possible till e-passports become a reality globally. They will need to carry their passports.
  • This facility will start at the T2 terminal and will start with GoAir passengers from the next month.

A passenger only has to flash his boarding pass at a scanner machine, which is placed at the security area for frisking. Through a terminal placed at his end before frisking the passenger, CISF personnel will give a ‘go-ahead’ command.

The spokesperson said, “It will subsequently be rolled out to other airlines at the Airport as well. This will start at T2, and be expanded to all the gates gradually.”

A senior CISF official said that if the security person on duty finds them suspicious, then a person who uses the new system would be frisked and checked. With on-duty security personnel, the final call on the security clearance of a passenger rests.

DIAL described it as a first phase of the launch of the e-boarding facility. The e-boarding facility will help domestic air passengers enjoy a complete paperless boarding experience at airports. It would cover all boarding processes right from entry into the terminal building, check-ins, security checks, boarding gate and boarding bridge check before entering the aircraft.

All that a passenger would need is a mobile e-boarding card. ┬áThe e-boarding facility is being piloted under the ‘digi-yatra’ initiative of the government.

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