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New Bathroom Technology To Be Launched By LAX That Lets You Know When You Can Go


Los Angeles International Airport officials are launching a pilot program that uses new technology to manage a restroom in one of its terminals because the cleanliness of airport bathrooms is important to travelers.

LAX officials are teaming up with two technology companies  Infax and Tooshlights to digital gadgets and install lights that will keep a track of how often bathrooms are cleaned and let the travelers know whether a stall is in use or vacant.

At Terminal 4, the new “smart restroom” pilot project will be introduced Wednesday in a bathroom occupied by American Airlines, American Eagle, and Qantas. Lights that will turn red when a stall is occupied and green when a stall is vacant are being installed above each stall.

The Tooshlights system will be tied in with technology by Infax for keeping the track of how often a bathroom is being used and when does it needs cleaning. The new digital system will be keeping track of the number of people who use a bathroom and will alert a janitor to clean it when it has reached a specific passenger usage threshold. The same system tells managers how and when often bathrooms are cleaned.

Chief experience officer at Los Angeles World Airports Barbara Yamamoto said that they are incredibly excited for trying this new technology, which would help in improving our guest experience and allow us to better monitor and service our restrooms.

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