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Mistakes You Should Avoid To Pass Through Airport Security Check


Airport Security check is done for the safety purpose of the travelers. It is really hard to follow the rules of security check but you have to if you wanna fly internationally. Each country has its own rules regarding the safety purpose of the people. So, one must stick to adhere these rules for a smooth security check process of USA to India flight.


Try to Avoid These Security Mistakes To Avoid Unusual Troubles:


<//> Don’t Wear Shoes That Can’t Be Easily Take Off:

At security check point, the agents will ask you to take off your shoes. This is because you have to remove your socks and shoes to pass it through the screening process after putting them in plastic bags. So, wearing the shoes that can be easily removed will save your time.


<//> No More Than 3.4 ounces Liquid:

If you have liquid or gel like material then follow the 3-1-1 rule. All the items must be packed in a quart sized plastic bag that can be maximum up to 100 ml to transport as a carry-on baggage. For additional quantity you have to put it in your checked baggage.


<//> Don’t Forget Important Documents:

Be careful to put the important documents with yourself. Keep your ID proof, passport size photograph, and boarding pass in a single file. Keep it handy so that you can open it easily when needed without affecting your packed stuff.


<//> Don’t Wear Sandals:

Wearing sandals to the airport is not a good idea for travelers. The floor of airport is filthy and not so hygienic so avoid sandals. No one wants to take risk of health so protect your feet with the shoes.


<//> Pre-check Program:

You can easily skip the security screening process for getting into your USA to India flight .The pre-check program allows frequent flyers to apply for access to faster airport security lane. Even for the Pre-Check flyers there’s no longer need to remove their belts, shoes, nor must they place their 3-1-1 compliant plastic bag and laptop in separate bins.


<//> Don’t Count on TSA Pre-Check:

Don’t depend on the pre-checking process. Not all the airports have the TSA pre-check lanes open all the time. Even if your ticket is marked as “TSA PRE,” you may not be able to find an open Pre-Check lane always. So, be ready to go through the regular security screening process.


<//> Don’t wear Loose Heavy Jacket:

At airport don’t come with a bulky loose fitted coat. It seems very unusual and everyone will stare at you. This is because you will look like hiding something behind that jacket. You can be a victim of security folks so it is better to leave it at home.


 <//> Bottom Line:

It can be time consuming to stay at airport security line for hours. No one wants to waste the time at formalities. These tips will help you in minimizing the time of security check at airport. Speeding up Airport Security screening process will help you in managing your another work.


Either it is a vacation trip or business meeting the journey must be enjoyed. So, avoid troubles and hassles with these tips. Be prepared with the formalities that you need to show at the airport so that you don’t take much time in check-in and screening process.


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