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Lost Items To be Traced At Airport By CISF Launched App


Passengers who accidentally leave their bag or valuables at the airport will be able to trace it from their mobile.

According to a CISF official the Central Industrial Security Force is providing security at 59 airports of the country and has finished the trial run of the lost and found the mobile application.

By entering the details like the date of travel or boarding pass number by the passengers to trace their belongings, which will be deposited with the airport operator.

CISF made a recovery of lost items worth $7.69 million at airports across the country in 2017. 10% of the total items were from Delhi Airport.

At Delhi Airport, CISF recovered lost items worth closely $856,777 USD in 2016 out of which one-third were handed over to the passengers immediately while rest was kept at the airport.

From foreign currency and cameras to costly phones, bags, and wristwatches, travelers tend to lose a number of items. These items were handed over to the airport operator if the owner is not located within hours. Passengers are then requested to claim it from there.

CISF is looking at numerous options to improve the experience of passengers at the airport said by CISF’s additional director general MA Ganapathy.


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