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List of World’s Best Airlines For 2019 Serving USA to India is Out Now!


New Year has arrived and there are so many changes in technology and innovation. Coming to the main point, which is airline we are going to discuss in this article. Well, talking about the airlines; they have also updated their seats and services to attract more customers. Here we are going to discuss some of the best airlines for 2019 on the basis of their overall performance. The factors include the service standard, facilities, seating options, passenger reviews, and fleet age.


The complete list for the world’s best airline for 2019 is mentioned below:


Singapore Airline:

  • For a better overall experience, Singapore Airline has attained the first position. If you wish to fly first class then opt for Singapore airlines.
  • Best experience in first-class suites. They have a great private suite with sliding doors to give you complete privacy and away from the noise.
  • Delicious meal and comfy seatmakes it worth to be opulent.
  • Even the entertainment system is of good quality.The airline is leading in passenger innovations and new state-of-the-art aircraft models.



  • This airline has got the second position for its lounges. Qantas has the best airport lounge and with time to time, they are so upgraded to reach this point.
  • The adorable one is Sydney’s first-class lounge features city views, a day spa, and four types of Champagne.
  • Customers are also impressed by itsfully flatbed seats which are available for both domestic as well as international flights.
  • It is serving as a world’s oldest continuously operating and most experienced airline.


Qatar Airways:

  • Qatar airline has acquired this position for its business class due to Qsuite. Qsuite of Qatar has brought a great change in business class experience. It comes with the better seating, privacy after closing the doors, and a total layout of four persons to family and friends.
  • Other than this its catering service with la carte menu has chased customer’s attention. You can ask whatever and whenever you want to.
  • An overall combination of great food, wine, product, and service make you pursue it.



  • Most of the frequent flyers know that Emirates is well known for its In-flight entertainment. This year also it has been included in the list due to its state-of-art entertainment options.
  • Even they have provided the seatback videos in economy class too.
  • Moreover, the first class cabins’ innovation in Emirates is inevitable. The upper deck of the cabin with 14 seats is amazing which is enhanced with the mini-bar.
  • They provide novel cabin service to the flyers.


Cathay Pacific:

  • Overall Cathay Pacific is a famous airline and known for its operational excellence. It has won many awards since 2013.
  • After it has brought the aircraft A330s which has nice stability in the air and another feature include high ceilings and wide area for passengers. It makes the customers more comfortable.


Swiss International Air Lines:

  • After the introduction of the aircrafts A340s and Boeing 777s the airline has changed its way.
  • The cabins have an ultimate refreshing experience for the passengers. The cabins are made superior with the new seats, in-flight entertainment, and lighting system.
  • It is available for the economy, business, and first-class passengers.


Alaska Airlines:

  • This airline has completed the annual customer service satisfaction survey.

The airline is responsible for the best customer service satisfaction which includes in-flight service, meal, check-in, departing, boarding, and baggage services.


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