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List of Dangerous Goods and Prohibited items for different Airlines


When it comes to air travel people have many doubts about packing their bags. One must be aware of what they should carry and what type of item is restricted by the airlines. Otherwise, you may have to pay high fine or face issues at the airport before departure. Sometimes passengers have to repack the bags at the airport due to prohibited items present inside the bag.

Here we are going to discuss the prohibited items by the airline for checked baggage of different airlines.

First of all, go through the baggage allowance of airlines so that you can pack the items in a standard sized bag allowed in the airline craft.

For Air India, check out the Baggage Policy under Air India  to know the allowed baggage size by the airline.

Air India Checked Baggage prohibited items:

Explosive Materials


Flare Guns, Gun Lighters and Gun Powder, Explosive material, Dynamite, Fireworks, Flares, Hand Grenades, Plastic Explosives and Realistic Replicas of Explosives.
Compressed gases


·         Butane

·         Oxygen

·         Liquid nitrogen

·         Aqualung cylinders

Flammable Items


·         Aerosol

·         Fuel

·         Gasoline, Gas Torches

·         Lighter Fluid

·         Strike anywhere matches

Oxidizing materials


·         Bleaching Powder

·         Peroxides

Poisonous and infectious substances


·         Insecticides

·         Weed-killers

·         Live virus materials

Radio-active materials


·         Acid

·         Alkalis

·         Mercury

·         Wet cell batteries


Dangerous Articles

Magnetized, offensive or irritating materials


Alaska Airline Checked Baggage prohibited items:

Battery-operated self-balancing devices ·         Hoverboards

·         Gliders

·         Electric unicycles

·         Intelligent scooters


Camping/ Outdoor Equipment ·         Camp fuel cylinders

·         Strike-anywhere matches

·         Animal repellant

·         Propane Heaters

Electronic Smoking Devices ·         USB-charged cigars

·         Cigarettes

·         e-cigarettes

Flammable liquids or solids ·         Fuel

·         Paints

·         Lighter refills

·         Strike anywhere matches

Household Items ·         Drain cleaners

·         Solvents

·         Corrosive solids or liquids

Pool chemicals ·         Containing hazardous

·         Oxidizing or reactive materials

Explosives ·         Fireworks

·         Gunpowder

·         Signal flares

·         Sparklers


Emirates Airline Checked Baggage Prohibited Items



·         e-cigars

·         e-pipes

·         Electric Portable Incense

·         Burner

Personal Motorized Vehicles


·         Hoverboards

·         Mini-Segways

·         Self-balancing wheels

Fuel Cells


·         Camera

·         Cellular phones

·         Laptop computers

·         Camcorders

Attaché cases


·         Cash box

·         Cash bag



·         Christmas Crackers

·         Firecrackers

·         Bottle rockets

Electro shock weapons containing ·         Compressed Gases

·         lithium batteries


Know prohibited items by Etihad Airways ( ) and clear the doubts that what you can’t carry as cabin baggage and what you can’t carry as check-in baggage.

Dangerous Goods Regulated by the Airline:

  1. Alcoholic beverages allowed in checked as well as carry-on baggage. Alcohols that are in their packing are allowed but not more 70%. Per person, it is allowed a maximum up to 5L.
  2. Ammunition Items: If properly packed 5kg gross weight per person is allowed. It can be taken as checked-in baggage only.
  3. Dry Ice: Dry ice can be taken as a cabin as well as checked-in baggage. Not more than 2.5 kg per person is allowed to carry.
  4. Oxygen or Gas Cylinder: Gaseous cylinders for medical use can be carried as the cabin as well as checked-in baggage if it does not exceed 5 kg gross weight.
  5. Loose/spare lithium-ion battery: Allowed in checked-in baggage only. Restrictions applied are lithium metal batteries must not exceed 2g and lithium ion can be maximum 100 Wh.

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