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KLM Airlines Reviews Rating-Baggage Fees and Fares


KLM Royal Dutch airline legally Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V., is the flag carrier airline of the Netherlands. Headquarter of the airline is in Amstelveen. This airline is famous worldwide for its brilliant services. Furthermore, the airline provides brilliant and easy booking, cancellation and refund policies for the customers. We are also providing reviews for more help. Customer reviews generally help you to get an unbiased opinion. So read the blog thoroughly and be an educated flyer with Mintfares.

Baggage Fees

The limit of check-in baggage should not exceed if you don’t want to pay baggage fee:

23 kg or 32 kg according to the class of travel (see below table).

Besides that (height + length + width) should be 158 cm.

Check out KLM’s easy baggage calculator for more convenience.

Free baggage allowance
Economy Class on intercontinental flights from USA and Canada to Africa, Middle East and Asia 1 item of check-in baggage, each max. 23 kg (50.5 lbs), max. 158 cm (62 inches) l + w + h
Business Class 2 items of check-in baggage, each max. 32 kg (70.5 lbs), max. 158 cm (62 inches) l + w + h


Baggage allowance for European, United States and Canada Economy Class KLM flights *

For Light tickets holders: 1 piece of hand baggage is allowed. If you want to bring more baggage you can purchase the extra baggage online.

For Standard and Flex tickets holders: 1 piece of hand baggage and 1 piece of check-in baggage.

If you are flying with Blue Platinum, Gold and Silver members then it can bring 1 extra piece of check-in baggage L + W + H mac 158 cm (62 inches), in, total max. 23 kg (50 lbs.). This applies to all SkyTeam operated flights. Besides that Blue Explorer members have the same baggage allowance as regular passengers.

*This also applies to KLM flights between continental Europe and Algeria, Israel, Morocco, and Tunisia. 

Special Cases For Economy Class Baggage Allowance

Sometimes passengers traveling in Economy Class are able to carry a second piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg, and 158 cm (height + length + width) free of charge.


Economy Class Baggage Allowance
Between Paris and Amsterdam to Africa except Capetown, AirFrance operated by Joon. 2 pieces, 23 kg max/piece
Between the USA and/or Canada and/or Mexico to Africa. 2 pieces, 23 kg max/piece
For trips whose 1st flight departs from Brazil (valid for tickets purchased in Brazil only) 2 pieces, 23 kg max/piece
If you are traveling to or from Antananarivo, Moroni, Nouméa, or Dzaoudzi 2 pieces, 23 kg max/piece
If you are traveling to or from Pointe-à-Pitre, Fort-de-France, Saint-Martin, Port au Prince, Cayenne, Réunion, or if you are traveling from Port-au-Prince to Miami 1 piece, 23 kg max/piece


Excess baggage fees

Every piece of your check-in baggage outside the free allowance may weigh up to 23 kgs (50.5 lbs). If your check-in baggage exceeds 32 kg (70.5 lbs), you will need to pay a fee and it will be transported as cargo. You can contact AIR FRANCE KLM Cargo freight service. To find contact information for customer service, please click here

You can also take an extra piece of baggage at a low standard fee. Take advantage of this discount on the excess baggage fee by arranging it:

While booking online

While you check-in online

Arranging extra baggage online is possible only if your flight is operated by AirFrance/KLM

Applicable currencies

  • Flights from the USA: United States dollar
  • Flights from Europe: Euro
  • Flights from Canada: Canadian dollar
  • Flights from the rest of the world: United States dollar or equivalent in local currency

If multiple charges apply to one piece, add up all relevant charges. The fees mentioned in the below chart are in USD and EUR. If no currency is mentioned, the same amount applies for USD, EUR, and CAD.


On airport baggage fees 1st piece 2nd piece 3rd piece
and more
Orly to Ajaccio Bastia Calvi Figari (v.v) 35 70 70
Within France (Short haul) 35 70 70
Intra Caribbean network: FDF, PTP, PAP, SDQ, MBJ, SLU, CAY, PUJ 55 200
Europe (including Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco) + Israel 40 70 70
Between France and DOM (FDF, PTP, CAY, RUN) EUR 60,USD 70 100 100
Between MIA & FDF, PTP, PAP, CAY EUR 65
USD 75
EUR 240 USD 285
Between USA & Europe (including Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco) + FDF, PTP, CAY, RUN, NOU & Israel EUR 50
USD 60
EUR 85
USD 100
EUR 240
USD 285
 Between USA & All others 75 200
Between Canada & Europe (including Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco) + FDF, PTP, CAY , RUN, NOU CAD 75
EUR 50
CAD 120
EUR 85
CAD 330
EUR 240
Between Canada & Rest of the World CAD 90 CAD 240
 Between Europe (including Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco) & Middle East, Libya. 75 200
All others 100 200


Get more Details:

Special Baggage Fees

Golf Bag

This item will be treated as a “normal” bag.

Customers will not be able to check-in a golf bag free of charge anymore, in addition to their ticketed baggage allowance.

Members of Blue Golf Club will continue to be able to check in a golf bag free of charge on presentation of a voucher at check-in.


This item will now be charged as a “specialty” item; the same charges as applicable for tandems will apply.

Customers will no longer be able to check-in a bike as part of their ticketed baggage allowance.


Surfboards with the dimensions more than 107 cms and less than 200 cms in dimensions are charged as a “specialty” item, the same charges as applicable for surfboards more than 200 cms dimensions will apply.

Besides those surfboards more than 107 cms and less than 200 cms cannot be check-in as part of ticketed baggage allowance.

Furthermore if the dimensions of surfboards are less than 107 cms in dimensions can continue to be checked in as a “normal” bag i.e. part of the ticketed baggage allowance.

Know More

Other Fees

Fees for in-flight products
 Inflight products  Economy Class Business Class
Economy Comfort Between 70-18 NA
Seat with extra legroom Between 20-70 euro NA
Seat in a row of two 30 euro NA
Dining on board Complimentary Complimentary
Entertainment on board Complimentary Complimentary

Refund Policy

If your journey could not go as planned you can request the refund easily. Your bookings can be cancelled. But the refund will be made in the same currency you made purchase in. You can make the refund online and on social media as well.

To get refund online

You can also get the refund with the help of KLM customer contact center. If you go for this option an additional fee will be charged for that.

It takes 2-4 weeks to process the refund.

Ticket refund conditions

  • A passenger can apply for the refund in any of the following cases:
  • If you are cancelling ticket within 24 hours after booking
  • In case your KLM flight was cancelled and you did not take an alternative flight.
  • If conditions of your KLM ticket allow for a refund and cancellation fee may apply.
  • If your journey is intra-European and your flight was delayed more than 90 minutes and your outbound and return flights were scheduled on the same day.
  • Your intercontinental KLM flight was delayed more than 3 hours.
  • On the event of the death of the passenger
  • Your visa application was denied, an administration fee is applicable.
  • If you have a delay of more than 5 hours on your connecting KLM flight and you no longer want to fly to your final destination.
  • Furthermore the refunds are subject to applicable regulations in the country in which the ticket was purchased and/or to applicable regulations in the country in which the refund must be paid.
  • If you booked a Business Class ticket but because of some reasons you will have to travel in Economy Class you can apply for a refund of the fare difference. For this purpose please contact the KLM Customer Contact Centre.
  • In case you unable to board a KLM flight because it was overbooked you can request compensation.

Customer Reviews:

Ivan P

Karmiel, Israel

Attentive and friendly crew. The food good. The planes need to be upgraded especially on the Tel Aviv leg the seats are not Business class seats.

Business class trip


Lyon, France

Two flights with Klm in a row I Business class; both different in food and service but both great in term of food presentation, originality and taste.

Kind staff giving you a real feeling of being cared for which is a bit queer as I mostly travel economy class. Was positively impressed.

Imtiaz Quwailid:

I flew from Warsaw to London via Amsterdam. It was the first time; I was flying with KLM since 1988. It was very easy to check in online. I had to wait until the check-in desks opened. At this point, there was no formal queuing system, so it was a bit chaotic. We were in the departure lounge within minutes. The aircraft was clean and seats were comfortable. Cabin crew was very friendly and courteous. A full bar service was available. I was particularly pleased to see KLM is very proud of its Dutch heritage – even the plastic cups have the KLM emblem, a clog, a tulip and a bicycle on them.

Ivan Oscar Sterza:

I flew from Santiago de Chile to Amsterdam via Buenos Aires. I found the seat very comfortable, wide and long enough to support a few hours of sleep, including the soft pillow and the blanket. In-flight entertainment, there were a large screen and good selection of movies and content. The availability of noise-canceling earphones not doing their job very well but it happens in most airlines, therefore, audio was not amazing. Impeccable service, the attentive crew made the whole journey pleasant. Food was good, nothing to remember but above many business class products on the same route, the old starter was good and the chicken was soft and juicy. The only small disappointment was the amenity kit – different between ladies and gents: the gents one is basically an empty bag with socks eye mask and toothbrush, no lotion nothing. And the nice little touch of the Delft house is always a plus for KLM.

P Nelson:

Long haul flight from Amsterdam to Tokyo with KLM. We paid a bit extra to have Economy Comfort seats. While Premium Economy (which is offered by other airlines) is usually a different service class with more generous seats and slightly better service, Economy Comfort seats are standard economy seats with more legroom and 50% more recline (on long-haul flights). The service is exactly the same as in Economy. However, Economy Comfort seats are usually much more affordable than Premium Economy seats. We thought that the extra money was well worth it on this long flight. But the highlight of the flight was not the seat, but the excellent and very attentive service of the flight attendants. We will definitely take KLM again.


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