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JetBlue To Retrofit Airbus Fleet With Vortex Generators


JetBlue Airways, today announces plans to retrofit its entire Airbus fleet with noise-reducing vortex generators. This move reflects JetBlue’s continued commitment to the communities where its customers and crewmembers live and work. Beginning in 2015, JetBlue began taking delivery of new aircraft with vortex generators already installed. JetBlue is committing to add the devices to its 138 remaining Airbus A320 family aircraft through 2021. The small devices disrupt wind over ports on the wing which can produce a “whistling” tone during approach into an airport.

Vortex generators will be installed on 130 existing JetBlue A320 aircraft and eight JetBlue A321 aircraft during their existing scheduled heavy checks with the full fleet wide install expected to be complete in 2021. All future Airbus orders will be delivered with vortex generators already installed. The cost to retrofit the full Airbus fleet is less than $1 million.

“While the airline industry has benefited from advances in technology and efficiency leading to quieter planes and engines, the work is never done,” said Joe Bertapelle, Director Strategic Airspace Programs, JetBlue. “We’re pleased to incorporate this advancement across our Airbus fleet and contribute to our communities in a meaningful way as good corporate citizens.”

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