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Invaluable Tips That Will Help You Book Cheap Canada To India Flights


Booking Canada to India flights can sometimes become overwhelming for most travelers. When we see the rising inflation in the world, booking cheap flight tickets for your journey is a big concern. Moreover, if you are looking to book flights to India we know it’s never going to be easy to do so. Considering the distance between the two nations it’s very much evident that booking cheap flight tickets is not going to be that easy.

So the conundrum one faces is how to do so? Well, we have brought this article for you which will help you learn the most invaluable tips for booking cheap flights to India from Canada. When you are looking for these tickets online you might see that the nature of most of these deals is very much volatile and they rather seem ephemeral. Don’t worry, we at MintFares will try to enlighten you about this matter and you can make use of these tips whenever you wish to book cheap flights for yourself.


Invaluable Tips to Book Cheapest Canada to India Flights


1. Ignore the Myths for Booking Cheap Flights

The very first rule for booking cheap flights to India is that there isn’t any magic trick to do so. You will come across multiple myths about booking cheap flight tickets. When you are booking your flights remember there is no cheapest day to book your flights to India. It’s hard to predict the airfares, even if you guess it correctly once, it won’t be the same every time.

You can never know the exact date and time when the tickets will be the cheapest. All you can do is just waiting for it. Most of the airlines change their prices according to the sales strategy they usually follow. You too will have to follow these closely. There is no shortcut for buying cheap tickets.


2. Planning Ahead and Being Patient

When you wish to book tickets to India, the first rule you should abide by is to plan ahead of time. But it doesn’t mean that you can never buy cheap last minute deals. If you do so, you will have to look for the most suitable option. Moreover, you need to be a bit patient with your planning. Booking flight tickets in haste is never a good idea.

There are chances that you might get better deals if you are patient while searching for them. Try searching between lots of available options. When planning early, try looking for tickets three months in advance. Also check all the major websites every morning and evening. You can also sign up for email alerts that will let you know if there are any cheap tickets available.


3. Go Incognito While Searching

This is another trick to book cheap flight tickets. Make sure you search for these in a private window. It will help you find the lowest available price on deals. Let us explain this simply. There are some travel booking websites that can see your searches. This is done by them with the help of using cookies.

That’s the reason you will see the prices rising after every time you search. It makes it hard to find cheap flight tickets for you. By choosing to go incognito, you are successful in circumventing this situation all together. Simultaneously you may clear your search history and cookies.


4. Searching Just One Ticket at a Time

While you are searching for the tickets, always make sure to do it for a single ticket. Even when you are planning to travel in a group just follow this approach. It’s because the multiple airline classes have different fares.

Thus, when you are looking for cheap Canada to India flights following this trick is a brilliant idea. Suppose, you travel with a companion there is a possibility that airlines might offer a single ticket at a cheaper airfare. So always make sure you search for a single ticket whenever you plan your journey.


5. Choose To Be Flexible What Your Travel Schedule

Another deciding factor for getting cheap flight tickets is being flexible with your travel schedule. So always try to follow this smart trick and be flexible with your travel plans. If you fail to find cheap flight tickets on a Monday morning, try looking for one in the evening.

So when you are flexible about your travel dates and timing you surely can get cheap flight tickets. You can also try to book tickets to a budget friendly destination in spite of your preferred destination in India.


6. Try to Join the Email List of Some Major Flight Carriers

It’s always an excellent idea to join the email list of the major flight carriers. This will help you be in touch with the available deals and offers they might be providing for their customers. It will make booking cheap India international flights from Canada easier for you.

There are also some travel portals that offer discounts to people who subscribe to their platform alerts. This is one of the easiest methods to keep you updated with the latest offers and book cheap flight tickets.


7. Never Forget To Follow Your Favorite Travel Portal on Social Media

Following your favorite travel portal or your favorite airlines is always a great idea that can help you book cheap flights. You will instantly see all the latest offers in one go as this is really a potent medium to do so.

Most of these use social media channels for promotions or attracting new customers. Some of these also provide their followers special promotional codes that can surely help you get cheap flight tickets to India.


8. Take the Advantage of Discounts and Offers

When you keep an eye for all the discounts and offers, booking cheap flights to India can be easy. There are many airlines and online websites that provide exclusive discounts on their deals. You may come across offers available on certain days like cheap business class tickets available on a particular day.

Make sure you do not miss on the offer and grab the best deals for yourself. If you choose to fly with Air India, remember if you are a student Air India offers special discounts for students on their flight to India. There are also other airlines offering discounts from Canada for students and senior citizens as well.


9. Compare While You Book

Trust us; every smart traveler would do this before booking his flight tickets. Make sure you follow the same strategy every time. If you find cheap fares for your tickets online don’t stop searching. There are chances you might get even better deals for yourself if you compare these while searching.

Comparing is a smart move to get your hands on the cheapest available deals for your journey. All you have to do is just spend a little more time and invest it on finding the deals which are suitable for you and perfectly fits your budget.


10. Try Choosing Alternate Airports

You can always do this when looking for cheap flight tickets. Choosing between alternate airports may help you grab the best deals as at times the flight tickets to some particular airports are cheaper than to the other. It might also happen in the case of arrival airports.

For example you might get cheap flight tickets on your Canada to Delhi flight rather than on Canada to Amritsar flight. You can choose a nearby airport that has a cheaper ticket for you. On arrival you can commute to your destination by any suitable means of local transport or see any cheap domestic flights available to make things easy.


11. Choose Traveling At Odd Hours

By avoiding peak hour travel you can easily get cheap tickets for your flight. At peak hours you confront maximum people traveling. The result is that it tends to increase the demand for flight tickets and which eventually raises the prices of these flight tickets.

So be smart and opt for a late night fight or a red eye flight so that you can save that extra money on your flight tickets. Early morning flights are also a good option to consider as very few people travel on these odd hour flights.


12. Choose To Fly During Off Season

October to March is the best time to visit India. Particularly it’s suitable for those who travel as tourists. That’s the reason the flight ticket prices are the highest during this time of the year. You may choose to travel during the off season or when the passenger traffic to India from Canada is on the lower side.

Choosing to travel during the off-season is one of the most common ways people try to save a lot of money on their flight tickets. Believe us if you haven’t given it a try it’s time to do it this time and see how it helps booking cheap flights.


13. Take Your Chances for That Eleventh Hour Deal

All travelers experience this and sometimes have to plan their itinerary at the eleventh hour. This is the time you may look for the best last minute deal. You have to take your chances and see if there is one available.

How you can book the cheapest last minute deal is trying booking as late as possible. Most of the major airlines offer the cheapest last minute deals when all their hopes have been almost relinquished for filling their remaining empty seats.


We Help You Get the Best Deals

It’s quite obvious that booking cheap Canada to India flights is never an easy thing to do. There are so many obstacles and impediments people come across while doing so. And it’s understood as there are so many platforms to buy tickets from, people fail to decipher which might offer them the best deal. But choosing the right platform to buy your tickets not only saves your money but also lends you an amazing travel experience.

MintFares is the best online platform when you are looking to book cheap flight tickets for yourself. Having a wide market knowledge and extensive experience in flight bookings we provide the best deals for our customers. We also offer exclusive deals throughout the year for all our esteemed customers and help them choose the best option for them. It’s our priority that we provide the cheapest deals to our customers and try to help them save as much of their hard earned money as possible. Get in touch with us and grab the latest and exclusive offers for you.