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Interesting Facts & Queries About Vistara Airlines


Vistara Airlines is an Indian airline headquartered in Gurgaon. It was founded in 2013 and nowadays it serves millions of passengers. When it comes to travel in India there are lots of choices for a traveler and Vistara is also a good option. This domestic airline serves 33 destinations with more than 200 daily flights.  

Before booking any flight to India you must be aware that what kind of facilities and services you are going to be served. There are various different strategies of Vistara that gives you a better flying experience. 

Do you know these things about Vistara? 

After setting the maiden flight from Delhi to Mumbai (January 9, 2015) Vistara has grown rapidly in the market of aviation. Vistara is a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines. There is a common goal behind this step. Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines are working together to enhance the air travel experience in India. They ensure that travelers can get seamless and personalized flying experience with fine hospitality on-board.

So, it would not be a wrong decision to book a flight with Vistara Airlines. 

Here we’ve discussed some amazing facts about Vistara Airlines:

  • Vistara is a Full-Service Airline: Unlike other low-cost carriers, Vistara doesn’t make you pay for additional facilities like food and water. They already include such primary facilities in your ticket. So, you can save a lot with Vistara airlines.
  • Better Three-class Configuration:  Comparing to all other Indian airlines Vistara better fulfills the class segments of the flights. Thisairline has a business, premium economy and economy class seats on its planes.
  • Best Economy Class: The economy class of Vistara is better than any other Indian airline. In the planes of Vistara, you will not get a chance to complain about the small legroom. They have seats that have extra legroom and can be reclined more than others. 
  • Fleets under Vistara: To enhance the services airline is devoted in accumulating a number of both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft. The fleets under it are:
  • Airbus A320-200- 13 in service
  • Airbus A320neo- 8 in service and 50 bought
  • Airbus A321neo- 6 ordered deliveries from 2020
  • Boeing 787-9- 6 ordered deliveries from 2020
  • No discounts offered by Vistara: Vistara doesn’t make any promise of sweep discounts or promotional seats. They provide excellent onboard and on-groundservice to their customers. Vistara always tries to give passengers a seamless experience and service excellence on-board and on-ground. They are just focusing on the price-focused competition by providing better services. 
  • No investment in advertisement: Vistara means “limitless expanse”. But, unlike its name Vistara does not spend any money on the launch parties and advertisement in the market. They are working quietly that will make a blast of noise one day. As to Book Flight Ticket Visit Mintfares.



Q.1 What are the different fare types in Vistara? are four different types of fares in Vistara:

  • “Lite Fares”:These are available in Economy Class only for travel within India.
  • “Value Fares”:These fares are for Premium Economy and Business Class within India and in Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class for International travel.
  • “Standard Fares”:These fares are available in all classes that offer additional benefits such as additional baggage allowance and greater flexibility.
  • “Flexi Fare”:These are the fares available in all classes that offer nil change and cancellation fees.’

 Q.2 How do I check-in with the website and mobile app?

You can online check-in through a mobile app or the website of Vistara. Make sure to do it within 48 to 1 hour before flight departure time. For international travel, it must be done before 120 minutes.

 Q.3 When I am not eligible for online Check-in?

Following people are not eligible for online check-in:

  • If you have special service requests of a wheelchair, stretcher or extra seats.
  • For customers with a visual and hearing impairment.
  • For staff travel, discount tickets, upgrade vouchers and agent discount tickets.
  • If verification is required before boarding the flight.
  • If traveling more than 9 people on the same booking.

 Q.4 What are the items that are not allowed to carry onboard?

You are not allowed to carry the following items:

  • Dry cell batteries
  • Knives
  • Scissors
  • Sharp instruments
  • Tools
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Toy replicas of weaponry
  • Explosives

 Q.5 What documents do I need to enter the airport terminal and check-in counter?

The following items will be needed at airports:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Driving License
  • Election Photo Identification Card
  • PAN card
  • Photo identity card issued by the Employer.
  • Valid Birth Certificates of infants.