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Important Things To Know When Traveling From Canada To India


If you’re traveling to India and you’re overwhelmed by the unknown, you don’t have to worry. We will give you the required and necessary information that will help you a lot while you’re on your Canada to India journey. As life has finally started to get back to normal after two dreary years of pandemic, things are looking up for the travel and tourism sector.

So if you’re looking forward to traveling to this incredible country there are certain important things to know when traveling from Canada to India.

First of all you need to know about the tips that will help you in your travel journey whether you are traveling with family, or a group of friends or solo. Other important things to be kept in mind are related to visa, currency, safety concerns and a lot more that we will discuss.


Necessary Information for Canadians Planning To Travel to India

Let’s talk about some of the most important and crucial things you need to know about when you land in India. We are going to discuss all of these indispensable factors you need to be mindful of when you arrive in India.


1. How to get a visa for India

Canadians that are traveling to India should apply for a Tourist eVisa. Fill all the forms online and you can choose between different payment methods that best suit you. If we talk about the present day visa fee it’s about $76 USD or $105 CAD while the average five days time is taken for the processing.

We would advise you to start the Visa filing process a month before your intended travel date. Another thing to be kept in mind is that your passport eligibility must extend at least for six months when you arrive in India and have two blank pages in it.


2. What’s The Exact Time Difference between Canada and India?

We all know that the exact time difference between both the countries is not possible to ascertain. The reason behind this is that India has only one time zone while Canada has six time zones.

However, to negate the possible confusion, the government invented an ingenious method and deciphered that the Indian Standard Time (IST) is 12.5 hours ahead of Vancouver (PST) and 9.5 hours ahead of Toronto (EST). Hope this will help you solve this conundrum for yourself.


3. Does Communicating In English Help In India To Get By?

India is a diverse country with a rich cultural heritage. There are more than 22 languages that are spoken in this country. Most of the people converse in Hindi but it all depends which part of the country you’re traveling to.

English is a language that is often used by the literate population across the country but most of the masses won’t understand what you’re trying to say. Though it won’t be difficult to get by, it’s always a smart thing to learn a few common phrases and helpful tricks.

For example you can greet the local people with a simple “Namaste” and definitely people will be kind enough to assist you.


4. What Are The Necessary Items I Should Not Forget To Pack On My India Trip?

Well, the first thing is a backpack. You’ll then require a cable and a lock for it. A couple of good pairs of shoes, hand sanitizer, and wipes are also required. You may also carry a pair of flip flops for your beach visit in India.

If you use toilet paper, that’s another necessary item you can pack along. In India people don’t use that much. It will be easy and convenient for you to carry it with you no matter which part of the country you visit. Be it the major big cities or any remote and interior part of the country you wish to explore.


5. What should you wear when you’re In India?

This is something which is very important and you’ll see the people back here are very much interested in foreigners. Dressing in the country is still based on the conservative ideology back here.

Though in major big cities you’ll come across women and girls in modern and fancy dresses but in most of the parts of India women resort to simple non revealing clothes.

No one likes to be ogled anywhere so it’s better to be careful while making the right choice and you won’t feel any inhibitions. This will also let you enjoy your trip which is of prime importance and will also avoid any unwarranted experience.

You can choose to wear clothes which are not too revealing and are comfortable as well as loose fitting.

The temperature is quite hot in summers so it’s also good to carry a scarf with you that will come handy covering the head and face in scorching heat. Choosing the clothes according to the weather and temperature is advised.

You may conduct research according to the places you wish to travel to and what would be ideal to wear accordingly at that particular location.


6. Can You Tell Us About The Currency Rate In India? What Should I Prefer To Carry? Cash or Cards!!

Canadian dollar is equal to around 54 Indian rupees. In India the most convenient way is to use the ATM and withdraw cash as per your required need. The average daily withdrawal limit varies from 10000 to 25000 Indian rupees.

You can see how much cash you require and make good use of the ATM facilities while In India.

You can also carry CAD, USD or Euros and get them exchanged back here in India. But the thing is, you will lose some of the money while exchanging as some fees are applied. Also foreigners are barred from importing or exporting Indian rupees.

You may carry any amount of cash in Dollars but it’s stipulated to declare it if it exceeds $5000 USD.


7. Is India An Expensive Country To Travel To?

India is not an expensive country to traveling from canada to india to at all for the foreigners. Though we can say that some parts of the country are expensive compared to the other parts, it won’t be too exorbitant to travel here at all.

There are tourists traveling to mostly all the major locations across the country in the south and the north. Traveling to the major big cities can be a bit expensive.

The northern side of the country is comparatively cheaper, we can say. The thing is whether you’re traveling on a budget trip or for an ostentatious luxury trip from Canada to India you will get everything that suits you perfectly.


8. Is India A Safe Country For Travelers?

Safety in India for travellers depends on place to place. Though there might be some places that may have some ongoing conflict, it’s better to avoid traveling to such places. Always listen to your guides and drivers as they will tell you where it’s not safe to travel.

Most of the tourist destinations in India are quite safe and there are millions of national and international travellers exploring these destinations all around the year. There are also many solo female travellers who travel to this amazingly beautiful nation. India is pretty safe for all kinds of travellers.


9. What If You Get Into Trouble In India?

The government of Canada has a list of all the resources for Canadians traveling to India. You will find the emergency numbers on this list with all comprehensive information that is required. Some important numbers to be kept in mind are like 100 for police and 102 for ambulances.

In major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chandigarh you will find the Canadian consulates that will assist you in any kind of trouble.

So if you’re planning to fly from Canada to India for your dream trip we hope that you’ll consider all these important things to know when traveling from Canada to India. There are so many things to do and explore in this diverse and culturally rich nation. We assure you it will be an amazing and an enriching experience for you.


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