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How to Get a Tourist Visa from USA to India


In India, there is a wealth of culture and history to explore, making it an ideal location for anyone seeking a challenge. More than a million Americans visited the nation in 2018 because of it.

In order to get a tourist visa to India, the process is straightforward and entirely online. India requires a visa for almost everyone, and US residents are no exception. If you want to go to the nation, you may apply for an eVisa online.

All the information you need to know about applying for a tourist visa if you are an American citizen may be found here.

From the United States, there are many ways to go to India.

In India, tourism has a significant economic significance. In 2017, tourism provided 41.622 million jobs, or 8 percent of overall employment, according to the World Travel and Tourism Organization. Growth in the sector is predicted to be 6.9 percent per year by 2028. In 2015, the medical tourism industry in India was predicted to be worth $3 billion, and this figure is expected to climb to $7 to $8 billion by 2020.

It’s simpler for US citizens to get a visa for a trip to the nation thanks to the MintFares. To apply for an Indian visa online, American citizens must satisfy a few prerequisites.

The following is a requirement for all applicants:

• a passport that is valid for at least six months after the intended arrival date
• Credit or debit card number and e-mail address
• Tourism, business, and medical tourists from the United States may go to India.

For US nationals, an Indian e-Visa will allow them to remain in the country for up to 60 days from the date of their initial admission. An Indian e-Visa may be obtained up to two times a year. No additional time may be added to the e-Visa for India.

India e-Visa applications should be submitted at least four days before to arrival. The Indian government is in charge of reviewing all submitted applications.

What is the cost of a visa to India?

For US citizens, the cost of a tourist visa to India is only USD 88.05, which covers all service expenses. In addition to the USD 118.05 and USD 153.05 prices, there are other quicker processing alternatives available.

The price of your eVisa with MintFares depends on the processing time you choose from the following options:

• It takes five days for a standard order to be processed. Most candidates choose standard since it is the most affordable choice. It’s just 88.05 dollars (service fees included).
• A three-day turnaround is available for rush processing. The price is a little more expensive than with the prior choice. A total of 118.05 US dollars will be deducted from your credit card (service fees included).
• There is a maximum of 36 hours for processing. It’s just a matter of time until the price rises even more. You’ll have to pay USD 153.05 for this option (service fees included).


An applicant picture and a scan of the passport’s personal information section are required to apply for an Indian visa in the United States. MintFares’ excellent customer service is always available to answer any questions you may have about the form we give.

Fill out the online application form (it will take you less than 5 minutes).

Complete all your facts and submit your extra documents. If you have any questions or concerns about the visa application procedure, our visa specialists are here to help.

We will process your eVisa after we receive all of your personal information, including your passport picture and passport photo information.

Requirements for the Indian e-Visa for American citizens.

A valid passport, a debit or credit card, and an email address are required for US citizens wishing to apply for an electronic visa to India. US nationals applying for an eVisa to India must provide the following information on their application form:

• The full name of the person (as it appears on the passport)
• Name, birthdate, and location
• The location and phone number
• Information about a traveler’s passport
• Nationality

Additional forms are required for U.S. citizens:

• Profession or vocation Marital status
• While in India, here are some recommendations for things to see and do.
• Ports of entrance and exit expected
• Visiting countries throughout the previous decade
• Religion

Qualifications obtained via formal education

E-Visa applicants from India are required to provide personal information in order to verify their identity.

Travelers from the United States are subject to the following requirements:

Citizens of the United States are required to provide eVisa India-compliant documentation. U.S. citizens travelling outside of the country must provide an electronic scanned copy of their passport’s first or biographical page.

The following conditions must also be met by each applicant’s passport-style colour photograph:

• The face of the candidate must be plainly visible.
• The backdrop of the shot must be white.
• It is essential that the picture be properly focused.
• The applicant’s head must be in the middle of his or her body
• The applicant’s whole head, including the earlobes and chin, must be visible in the image.