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How to Find Super Saver Air Tickets to India from Canada


More often than not, air ticket fare constitutes the costliest part of any trip. While it is true that transatlantic flight fares have reduced in recent times, they can still affect any travel budget significantly. Whether you intend to make a trip on your own or with your family, finding reasonably priced tickets is important. If the cost of the tickets is above your budget, you may either have to put off traveling or cut corners in other areas during the trip. Fortunately, with the below-mentioned tips you won’t have to do either of those things. Read on to know how to book super cheap flights from Canada to India. 

Tips to Find Super Saver Air Tickets to India from Canada

There are ways to find cheap flight tickets. If you follow these steps, you can be certain that you will get the cheapest airfare possible on every trip you make!

  • Lower fare days: The day of the week makes a difference to your airfare. Days closer to the weekend are generally more expensive for buying tickets. It is, thus, best to have flexible travel days, like the beginning of the week.
  • Connecting flights: It is best to book your Canada to India flight quite some time in advance. In case you have to take connecting flights, book them separately, as this will result in lower fares, and you’ll also be able to explore an additional city on your way to India.
  • Budget airlines: All major airlines offer excellent add-ons like extra carry-on bags, more legroom, free drinks and snacks. These may sound tempting but are really not necessary. If you are prepared to forego these extras, you’ll have a better chance of getting cheap international flights from Canada to India
  • Book in advance: With carriers, you will observe that as soon as tickets start to sell, the prices begin to rise. Ticket prices will rarely fall as the departure date draws nearer. If you have planned out your trip fully, book your Canada to India direct flight tickets in advance as it could give a sizable discount on the fare.
  • Fly with points: Sign up for an airline rewards card or travel rewards card, and use them to get points for flying. Airline points translate to getting cheaper and sometimes (although rare) even free air tickets.
  • Cheapest seasons: Avoid visiting India during festivals such as Dussehra – Diwali in October. You should also avoid other peak seasons if you are looking for Canada to India cheap flights. February, April, May, September and November are typically the best months to book cheap flights from Canada to India. 
  • Local airports: Smaller airports offer cheaper tickets than their massive international counterparts due to the lower operational costs. So, you can book your tickets at such airports.
  • Last-minute deals: While it is always better to book your flights in advance, sometimes you get exclusive last-minute Canada to India cheap flight tickets depending upon the month or the season. 
  • Flight price alerts: If you have flexible dates for your travel to India, you can sign up for travel price alerts. You will be notified whenever prices drop or when exclusive cheap flight tickets from India to Canada (or Canada to India) become available. 

Best Airlines for Canada to India Flights

Here are some of the best airlines for cheap international flights from Canada to India:

Qantas: Famous for its lavish lounges, Qantas is one of the most popular airlines. Qantas has achieved the second position in the world’s best airlines list as it provides several exceptional facilities onboard such as a day spa, flatbed seats, city views and more. The Economy class in Qantas has recently been improved and now has refreshed cabin interiors, seats, inflight entertainment and dining options. Modern amenity kits on selected long-haul flights including essential travel products are also offered. Seats have been upgraded onboard the A380s and A330s with softer cushioning, netted footrests, deeper recline and more legroom for extra comfort. The adjustable headrest with side wings supports your head while sleeping, to maximize your comfort.

Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways has ushered in a new concept in business class standards. The highlights include spacious seating and strict maintenance of privacy. This is the reason that the airline is very popular among travelers from Canada to India, and also why it gets the maximum bookings on the Canada – India route. The airline is famous for providing exceptional cuisine accompanied by excellent wines, thus making it a highly popular choice among passengers to India.

Comfort in the Qatar Airways economy class is as good as it can get. Entertainment avenues in the economy class are possibly the best in the skies with movies, television programs, music, games, an entire channel dedicated to children, all in eight languages and presented on a classy touch screen.

Emirates: The first-class cabins and the latest entertainment selections make the Emirates one of the most preferred airlines by travelers the world over. The airline aims to provide superior cabin service to the passengers. 

The interior of the planes has been upgraded, and the bathrooms are fitted with wooden cupboards and fittings. When the cabin lights are turned off, twinkling stars are seen on the ceiling, and the soft ‘mood’ light turns from pink to mauve and aqua hues. All passengers in the economy class are given amenity bags. Food is tasty and there is a delectable choice of wines. Inflight entertainment is top grade with an ICE entertainment system (ICE: Information, communication and entertainment). You can watch the news and movies and also send emails. The entertainment is one of the best in the world with 4,000 channels including around 1,000 movies. 

Cathay Pacific: The economy seats are spacious and offer plenty of legroom, guaranteeing comfort for passengers. Each seat is enhanced with an extra-large PTV screen and controller, and the seating area is spotlessly clean and the aircraft feels new and fresh. Delicious food in international flavors is the hallmark of Cathay. All seats have personal TVs and CX entertainment systems. The A350 features additional live TV channels and onboard Wi-Fi. 

Alaska Airlines: Alaska Airlines is a major American airline headquartered in SeaTac, Washington D.C., within the Seattle metropolitan area. It is the fifth-largest airline in the United States in terms of fleet size, passengers carried, and the number of destinations served. Frequently named “Best U.S. Airline”, Alaska Airlines provides great service and has a very loyal customer base. All seats within the main cabin recline 3 inches, the economy class has leather seating with a 6-way adjustable headset. You get 32 inches of legroom, Wi-Fi (chargeable) with free texting, complimentary soft drinks and snacks. Alaska Airlines constantly receives praise for its friendly, helpful flight attendants and proactive service team.

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