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How Much Money Can You Carry from USA To India?



The amount of foreign cash that may be brought into India is completely unrestricted by the Indian government. Upon flights from Usa to India  foreign currency worth more than US$ 5,000 should be declared to customs on a currency declaration form (CDF) at the airport.


Tips from MintFares for Filling Out the Form Declaring Your Currency’s Value

For visitors who do not intend to encash all of the foreign currency they brought into India, the Currency Declaration Form should be kept with them for use by Indian Customs when they leave flights from Usa to India.

Bringing in cash notes, bank notes, or traveller’s checks worth less than US$10,000 into the United States does not need a declaration, as long as the currency notes, bank notes, or traveller’s checks do not exceed the equivalent of US$5,000. There are limits to how much foreign cash or foreign exchange a visitor may carry out of India with them when they leave flights from Usa to India.


Amount Of Foreign Currency an NRI Can Have

Foreign currency may be brought into India by a non-resident Indian (NRI). A Currency Declaration Form should be filled out by the passenger upon arrival in India if the total amount of foreign currency (including cash, traveller’s checks, etc.) exceeds USD 10,000 or its equal, or if the amount of foreign currency (including cash) exceeds USD 5,000 or its equivalent.



Q1. What is the maximum amount of INR that I may transport from the United States to India?
Ans: What is the maximum amount of foreign cash that may be kept in India? Travelers visiting India are allowed to bring in whatever amount of foreign money they choose. However, a declaration is required if the currency’s value is more than $5,000 or if the total amount of foreign exchange is greater than $10,000.


Q2. How much INR can India expect to get from the Nuclear Reactor Initiative?
Ans: All non-Pakistanis and non-Bangladeshis residing in India or employed in India who have not visited Pakistan or Bangladesh in the past five years and who have not spent more than Rs 25,000 in Indian or Reserve Bank of India currency notes are exempt from this restriction.


Q3. In India, what is the maximum amount of luggage you may bring with you?
Ans: Residents of India are allowed to carry Rs. 25,000 in cash, notwithstanding this. Bringing in more foreign cash than is allowed into India is not against the law. At least $5,000 in notes and coins, or $10,000 notes, coins, and traveller’s checks are required to disclose it.


Q4. Does India impose a tax on the foreign cash that I bring in?
Ans: In India, you will not be taxed on the foreign cash you bring in. If the value of the currency exceeds USD 5,000 or the foreign exchange exceeds USD 10,000, you just need to submit a declaration.


Q5. International flights from India: How much cash am I allowed to bring on board?
Ans: The maximum amount of money which Indian citizens may spend overseas is Rs 25,000. Amounts above US$5,000 in banknotes and coins or US$10,000 in coins, notes, and traveller’s checks must be disclosed even if they are less than the maximum allowed out of India flights from Usa to India.


Q6. In India, how much cash may you carry on a plane?
Ans: A circular has been circulated to all airlines asking that we notify the I-T department of any passenger carrying a large quantity of cash, although the specific amount is unclear at this time. An officer with the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) clarified that the maximum amount allowed was Rs 5 lakh.


Q7. Is there anything that happens if you declare more than $1000 USD?
Ans: Don’t disclose your imports at customs and see what happens. The seizure of monetary instruments worth more than $10,000 that have not been declared is a possibility. If you unlawfully enter the United States with more than $10,000 in cash, you are virtually guaranteed to be detained.