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Flights To India: Best Business Travel Tips For Breathtaking Journey!


In accordance with the rules of airlines for America & flights to India, summer seasons are one of the busiest travels in the US. Throughout the season, it is projected 246 million passengers between June & mid-September as added in the report. Obviously, it is not the best news for business travelers, as it can mean more queues, crowds and potential delays throughout the airport. Here are a few tips from travel experts to help make the most of your summer business travel.

  • Use Miles For Upgrades

Each airline has their own policies regarding fare changes and price drop. When the fares of the economy class go up, fares of business class falls down. It happens because, at that time, the demand of the economy class is much higher than the business traveler. And, it will become more worth full if you can spare miles for an upgrade.

  • Sign Up For Programs – TSA Pre, Global Entry & Clear

Business travelers might find themselves frustrated when they deal with a higher price for leisure. However, you can avoid this stress to get a CLEAR membership. This offers the number of services and perks to bypass the security lines, available at the airports in the United States. You do not need to take your ID out and wait at the kiosk. Not only will Global Entry make passport control a breeze when you return to the US, but it also comes with TSA Pre. Just make sure to enter your Trusted Traveler number in your profile with each airline you will fly with. Several credit card companies will even refund you the application fee.

  • Fly In The Morning To Avoid The Flight Delays

Experts suggest that never taking the last flight of the day because there are a lot of chances your flight may cancel. And if it’s canceled, then you are in trouble. The major hubs like Dallas, Charlotte, Atlanta and Chicago had the bad weather in any of these places, which can affect travel throughout the country. So, flying early can help you avoid cascading travel delays and cancelations.

  • Book Non-Stop Flights

Adventurer and travel filmmaker always trying to look for non-stop flights to minimize risk while traveling. There is the reason behind this, the lower price tag on connecting flights might be tempting and delays can end up costing you even more money and worse. The last thing you want to do is miss a meeting or event because you’re stuck at a connecting airport.

  • Use Lounges To Get Work Done

When the airport gets busier, so do the terminals. If you need to get work done, head to the lounge. There’s often desk space, reliable Wi-Fi, and less noise. Plus, you can enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks. If you don’t have lounge access with your airline, you can also use options like PRIORITY PASS and LoungeBuddy.

  • Sign Up For Loyalty Programs

The expert advises that as a frequent traveler you can greatly benefit from hotel and airline loyalty programs. Use your points for things like flight/room upgrades, free nights, priority boarding, and lounge access. Avoid hotels near popular tourist attractions, as those can get busier during the summer. This will help you spend less time getting from your hotel to meetings or events you are scheduled to attend.

  • Pack Extra Clothes

It is always a good idea to pack extra business attire, but especially during the summer months. Imagine wearing a suit during a humid summer day in New York… chances are you’re going to want an extra dress shirt to change into.

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