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Emirates & Etihad Rate Among Most Family-Friendly Airlines!


Emirates and Etihad Airways have been ranked at the top in the world’s top 20 most family-friendly airlines in rewards to amenities offered onboard help families and children to travel with ease and in comfort.

By Toy Company Play Like Mum:

  • Emirates was rated 2nd.
  • Etihad was 8th.

British Airways and Emirates were the only two carriers that offered all these services following catering to passengers traveling with families. The airlines were compared in the category of:

  • Free checked luggage allowance
  • Free seat reservation
  • Pre-boarding for families
  • No ‘lap fees’, kids meals
  • Free kids entertainment
  • Onboard bassinet/carrycot and for taking pushchair for free.

When flying, parents want the same when traveling with their children, regardless of age. Therefore seat selection for free, being able to board first and settle in as well as being able to take advantage of onboard and checked baggage allowance(s) will be vital when choosing to fly with one airline over another.

The chief analyst at StrategicAero Research, Saj Ahmad said, “Amenities on board that help children to be entertained and comfortable goes a long way for parents. Emirates and other GCC airlines like Etihad and Oman Air, for example, prove that their pulling power is not just because of their brand — it’s because of their attention to detail.”

According to Play Like Mum, the top five most family-friendly list includes:

  • British Airways
  • Emirates
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Lufthansa
  • AirFrance

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