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Do You Know These Amazing Facts About The Airplanes And Airlines


There are so many questions in the frequent flyers’ mind. How to find cheap flight tickets, how to save money, and best ways to travel on airplane. Here are some of the facts that are must to know for flyers:

  • Some planes can fly for more than five hours even after one of their engines goes out. The airplanes are safe to fly with just one engine for more than five hours before needing to land.
  • Airplanes are designed to withstand lightning and strikes so it can’t be damaged so easily. In bad weather conditions, the airplane is still safe to fly.
  • The humidity on an average aircraft hovers under 20 percent so the air on the airplane is drier than on earth.
  • Also, the atmosphere in an airplane cabin can even dry out the nose of the passenger. This change in air pressure changes about 1/3 of a person’s taste buds which is the main reason for airlines to add a little bit more spices and salt to their foods.
  • For a nap or slight rest, crew members can access the hidden bedrooms. There are some airplanes with secret bedrooms for flight attendants on long-haul flights.
  • Autopilot is turned on during most of the journeys because it can make more precise adjustments, leading to better fuel efficiency. But, it is not the same in case of turbulence, takeoff, or landing.
  • Aircraft radar cannot detect turbulence and it can occur anytime in clear or cloudless weather.
  • In an emergency landing, a pilot may decide to dump fuel from its wings. It is a safety procedure to keep the plane light-weighted while landing.
  • Lights of the plane are dimmed during landing so in case of emergency passengers can easily evacuate towards the airside after their eyes being adjusted to the darkness.
  • There’s a tiny hole in the window of the airplane to maintain the air pressure in the cabin. The tiny hole in the interior window is there to regulate air pressure so the middle pane remains intact and uncompromised.
  • Pilots and co-pilots are provided different food than passengers to avoid food poisoning. The pilots must be fed the same multi-course meal given to those in the first and business class whilst the co-pilots are encouraged to eat different entrees to guard against cases of food poisoning.
  • There is only around 5% of the world’s population that has ever been on an airplane. Most of the people from the underdeveloped regions have never been on an airplane.
  • The busiest commercial airport in the world is the Hartsfield- Jackson Airport (ATL), Atlanta. It serves more than 970 airplane movements a year and from 1998 it is considered the busiest airport. From 2012, it becomes the busiest airport, both in terms of the number of passengers and the number of flights.
  • More than 80% of the population of the world is afraid of flyingdue to other specific phobias, acrophobia, and fear of being far from the ground.


Facts about Airlines:

  • KLM Royal Dutch was established in 1919 and is the world’s oldest airline.
  • Qantas was established in 1920 which is the world’s second-oldest airline.
  • In 1987, American Airlines removed one olive from each salad that was used to serve in first-class and saved $40,000.
  • The most popular craft is Boeing 747 which weighs almost 9,500 pounds.


Some FAQs:

  • Why do airplanes dump fuel?

The fuel is dumped to lower the weight of the plane. This process is mostly done immediately before landing so that it can lower the weight of the aircraft. Also, in an emergency when an airplane needs to land fast then the pilot can dump the fuel.

  • What are the best airlines to fly in 2020?

There are numerous airlines that are pleasant to fly in 2020. Some of them are:

  • Qatar Airways
  • Qantas Airways
  • American Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Emirates


  • Does Airlines provide food free? 

No, it is not the case with all airlines. Some may charge you for food and others may include the food on your tickets. Also, the situation depends on the class of ticket you have purchased.


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