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Do You Know These Airports of the USA with Most Runways?


Exploring the Airports with Most Runways in the USA

The United States has long provided an ideal environment for the rapid growth of airports due to its plenty of land and rapidly growing population. Moreover, the country is home to several of the biggest transit hubs in the world and has many airports with miles-long runways.

The US Air Force has contributed significantly to the development of the country’s airport network, particularly since it funded many expansions during World War II. Nevertheless, due to their huge size, a few US airports stand out from the others. MintFares will examine these airports with the most runways in more detail in this blog.

Top 5 Airports With the Most Runways in the USA

Here are the top five airports with the most runways in the USA:

Sr. No. Airport Name IATA Code Number of Runways
1 8O’Hare International Airport ORD 8
2 Dallas / Fort. Worth International Airport DFW  7
3 Denver International Airport DEN 6
4 Detroit Metropolitan Airport DTW 6
5 Boston Logan International Airport BOS 6

1. Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD):

One of the biggest international airports in the US is Chicago O’Hare. Furthermore, it is one of the few locations to act as a hub for American Airlines and United Airlines, two significant American legacy carriers. The airport is among the best-connected worldwide as of 2024, with nonstop flights to 214 locations.

The airport had only four runways when it first opened in 1944. However, the Illinois Department of Transportation reports that, in a matter of years, it had six runways. O’Hare was originally supposed to replace the adjacent Chicago Midway Airport (MDW). Still, Midway remained open because it could not meet the enormous demand during a post-war boom in air travel.

The distinction of being the airport with maximum runways among all civilian airports worldwide is still held by O’Hara Airport. The most recent modification to the runways occurred in 2015 when 10R/28L, a new runway, went into service, and runway 32R/14L was closed.

2. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW):

Dallas/Fort Worth is also one of the country’s busiest international gateways. At this airport most of the runways are the largest in the US. In addition to being the corporate headquarters of the airline, it serves as a major hub for both American Airlines and the Oneworld alliance.

Furthermore, it is interesting to learn about the history of Dallas/Fort Worth. One of the main reasons it has so many runways is that it was constructed to serve two distinct but adjacent large metropolitan areas. The facility states that DFW comes in second in terms of passenger volume and third globally in flight operations.

3. Denver International Airport (DEN):

It is the primary hub of United Airlines, a US-based legacy carrier, and one of the largest airports in the nation. Denver International Airport serves the Front Range Urban Corridor of Colorado.

Opened in 1995, the building took the place of the former Stapleton Airport. Despite having some of the longest runways in the country, it has been shrouded in mystery and conspiracy since it opened.

The longest runway at the airport, 16R/34L, stretches over three miles. That makes it the most notable of the six runways at the airport. 9News reports that high altitude conditions force aircraft to use longer runways, particularly in the summer.

Fully loaded Airbus A380 and 747-8 jets can safely take off from the 16,000-foot runway, even in the worst of heat waves. This huge runway airport is the only one in the world longer than six.

4. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW):

The ultra-low-cost airline Spirit Airlines operates out of Detroit Metro Airport, one of the major hubs for Delta Air Lines. Since starting commercial operations in 1930, the facility has expanded continuously.

According to the airport, new runways were set in place when the Army took control of the property in the 1940s. A second runway was built much later, in 1997. With the opening of 4L/22R in 2001, the current layout of four parallel runways and two crossing ones was accomplished.

5. Boston Logan International Airport (BOS):

Next is Boston Logan, the biggest airport with the most runways in New England, which has long served as one of Delta Air Lines’s hubs in the northeast. The facility has grown and expanded in tandem with the aviation industry since it opened in 1923, more than a century ago.

The facility’s manager, Massport, claims that not every runway is in use at any given moment. Three will serve ideal circumstances, enabling 120 takeoffs and landings every hour. However, with only one runway, only 60 movements are possible per hour when the weather gets worse.


Now is it clear which airport has the most runways? Some of the world’s largest and busiest airports are in the US. Many of which boast a significant number of runways to accommodate the high volume of air traffic. The airport with the most runways is Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD). It is reflecting its role as a major hub for both American Airlines and United Airlines.

Moreover, Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Denver International (DEN) follow closely, each playing an important role in the country’s air travel infrastructure. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) and Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) also feature prominently, each with unique historical significance and operational capabilities.

So, with Mintfares, keep updated on all the recent information about the airports.


Q1. Which US airport has the most runways?

Ans: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International

Q2. Which US airport has the most international flights?

Ans: New York JFK

Q3. Which are the US airports with the most international flights?

Ans: Hartsfield‑Jackson International Airport followed by Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and Denver International Airport are regarded as the US airports with the most international flights.

Q4. Which is the US commercial airport with the most runways?

Ans: The O’Hare International Airport is known for its maximum number of runways, which is slated 8 as of now.