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Different Ways of Dussehra Celebration in India?


In the harmony of different cultures and religions,celebrate Dussehra in India this year. Dussehra is a famous festival in India. It is celebrated at the end of the Navratri festival. The festival is celebrated to celebrate the victory of good over evil. In a country like India, it’s not possible that people celebrate festivals in the same manner. People celebrate festivals in different manners. The reason behind this is the diversity of this country. In India, people of different religions live and cultures and traditions keep on changing after some distance. These changes you can see after the distances of every few kilometers.

Why Dussehra Is Celebrated?

Dussehra is a popular Hindu festival. It is celebrated in the memory of the victory of Lord Rama over Demon Ravana. Ravana carried off Goddess Sita (wife of Lord Rama) for 11 months. This is the day when Lord Rama won back his wife from Ravana and killed him. Lord Rama was the kind of Ayodhya. So this festival signifies this victory of good and defeat of evil.

According to Hindu mythology, there is another story behind the celebrations of this festival. On this day Goddess Durga (Goddess of Strength in Hindu Culture) killed a demon named as Mahisasur. The demon had a boon of not killed by any God or man. So God Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv gave birth to goddess Durga. So Dussehra is also a symbol of that victory.

Dussehra is celebrated with full excitement and enthusiasm among the people. It’s not that if Dussehra is a Hindu festival, so it is celebrated only by Hindus. People of almost every religion take part in the celebrations. This is the beautiful thing about India. Everyone feels happy to celebrate each other’s festivals. Everyone comes home on the occasion of Dussehra. Being with your family is the best feeling ever. So book your flights to India and be with your family on this auspicious occasion.

If you get late to pre-book your flight, there is no need to worry; you can easily book your last minute flight tickets to India . Furthermore, you will get other offers on the USA to India flights on the occasion of Dussehra. Even if are planning a trip to India then this could be the best time to come. Firstly you will get the discount on the flight tickets and after that, you will get to know about Indian cultures more closely.

There are different ways of celebrating Dussehra in India. Let us have a look at each of them one by one.


Durga Pooja in Kolkata

The grand Pandals will make you feel stunned and surprised in Kolkata, a major city of India. You will enjoy Durga Puja and it’s going to be once in a life-time experience for you. People pray to goddess Durga and pay with red colour, sing holy songs and dance together with another level of joy.

Things to do

  • You can experience all the shades of the festivals. You can see people dancing altogether.
  • Besides that, you can enjoy different cuisines.
  • On the occasion of Durga Puja, people wear special clothes. You can also wear these clothes on these special cloths and can try to blend in for more enjoyment.


Worship Raghunath in Kullu

Dussehra of Kullu is world-famous. Dussehra is celebrated in this Kullu for 7 days with great vigor. Dhalpur ground is the place where all the celebration goes on for 7 days. People especially pray Lord Raghunath here. All the villagers take their local Gods to this ground and celebrate Dussehra. This would be another beautiful and different experience of your life.

Things to do

  • Don’t miss the Lanka Dehan (Burning of Lanka) performance by the side of Beas River.
  • How can you forget about the local delicious food there? Madra, Cha Ghost and bhey are some famous food over there.


Vijaydashmi in Delhi

Dussehra celebrations in Delhi are also very grand. As Delhi is the capital of India, so it is obvious that you will see the spectacularly amazing organization of the event. You will hear religious music crooning everywhere. You must not wish the nine day’s Dussehra celebrations. It will show you the whole side of the story thoroughly.

Things to Do

  • Don’t even to miss the last day of Ram Leela. On this day people burn the effigies of Devil Ravana. You will see the whole sky illuminated with fireworks.
  • Delhi is like a heaven to food. Delhi is famous for its fast food; enjoy this food while you are in Delhi for the occasion of Dussehra.


Engage in Garba

Dance in Garba style and engage yourself in another beautiful shade of Dussehra celebration. Garba is a folk dance of Gujrat. People wear colourful clothes on this occasion and dance with colorful sticks. This will take you to another level of enjoyment.

Things to do:

  • Take part in Garba dance with local people.
  • You must not skip DurgaArti.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the local mouthwatering food. Dhokla, Thepla and GujratiKadi are some famous food in Gujrat.

These are some major ways by which people celebrate Dussehra in India. How can you miss a chance of travelling India on this auspicious and wonderful occasion? Book your flight to India from the USA now on Mintfares and get special discount on the occasion of Dussehra. This is going to be the best experience of your life. Happy Dussehra! Happy Journey!



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