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Dallas Fort Worth Airport Now Has Opened New Video Game Lounges!


Those passengers who are passing through Dallas Fort Worth airport now have a new option of entertainment to facing a long layover. The airport is come up with new video game lounges that have opened at gates E16 and B42. The center features many video games that people can play while waiting for their next flight.


  • The gaming lounges offer a large variety of games to choose from so players can play the type of game they enjoy.
  • The cost to play is based on per minute. After from this, gamers can purchase an all-day pass.
  • Passengers who are waiting for a flight are going into the gaming area to play games they are familiar with or try something new.

After surveying thousands of passengers stuck in waiting areas at the airport, the developer of Gameway gaming hubs realized that people want to do more than just sit and stare at their phones while waiting for a flight. After talking to several passengers to see what they feel would be a great time-passing activity, the gaming lounges were founded.

People like to play video games. The gaming lounge concept has been a success. You see people from all age groups and walks of life enjoying the Gaming Hub.

The founder of the Gameway gaming lounges has stated that he is already in discussion with several other airports to bring this service to their areas. The almost instant success of the gaming lounges has already made several airports interested in the service.

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