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Can I Use Bluetooth Headphones On An Airplane?


Almost 100 years after the coming of business flight, it’s actually staggering that you can purchase a ticket and take off from one side to another quickly. However extraordinary as it very well might be, flying can likewise be annoying and confounding. Apart from this, many travelers who are traveling on long flights have the question: Can they use Bluetooth on a Plane. Well, there is no need to worry as the answer to your question is yes! Therefore, you do not need to think about being bored on your flight.

However, there are some safety considerations you need to keep in mind before you board your flight. In this blog, will discuss more about the answer to your question which is all about using Bluetooth Headphones on a Plane.


Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On A Plane:

If we will answer this question, then rules differ from one airline to another. Hence, it’s better for you to check the airlines rules before packing your headphones. However, most airlines allow travelers to use Bluetooth on a plane. Additionally, ear buds and earphones are also allowed on the flight.

Practically, Bluetooth is safe to use and you can listen to music on your Bluetooth ear buds on planes. However, different airlines have their own rules and regulations on this particular matter. Some airlines restrict the use of Bluetooth devices on flights. For example, some Canadian flights also won’t allow Bluetooth Headphones.


Different Airlines on Bluetooth Headphones Flying:

All the main airlines operating nowadays have their opinions on how travelers can use Bluetooth onboard. Therefore, if you’re flying from India to abroad or back, you need to check what the major airlines’ rules that are operating between these two countries say.

Air Canada Headphones – This airline allows passengers to use Bluetooth earbuds on airplanes. However, you can only use them when when the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet in altitude. In fact, they will let you know when that happens.

American Airlines Ear buds – Travelers are allowed to use Bluetooth headphones throughout the duration of the flight but not during landing and take-off.

Delta Airlines Headphones – Passengers are allowed to use Bluetooth headphones throughout the duration of the flight but not during take-off and landing.

Alaska Airlines Bluetooth Headphones – You can use the headphones throughout the flight, including take-off and landing as well.

United Airlines Headphones – You can use them throughout the flight, including take-off and landing.

As you can see, all major airlines have different thoughts on Bluetooth ear buds on planes. So, if you are still concerned then you can contact the airline’s customer service desk and directly ask them. After knowing all the rules and regulations it will be sure that you do not face any inconvenience. It will ultimately make sure that whenever you fly to India, you will not get bored or disturbed by any kind of turbulence. That is to say, you can make the best use of your Bluetooth headsets and enjoy your journey.


How To Use It:

A number of airlines allow you to use Bluetooth on a plane with headphones but on flight mode. So, make sure that your phone is in flight mode whenever you wish to use them. Always make sure that when the plane is taxiing down the runway, landing or taking off, your Bluetooth headphones are switched off and not in use. While Bluetooth is probably not going to disturb aircraft communications, it is not in favor of alertness in these matters. Therefore, adhering to the guidelines given by the carrier while flying with Bluetooth earphones is something imperative.


Why Can’t You Hear Something On Headphones at the time of Take-Off and Landing?

You cannot use headphones during takeoff or landings because you must be able to hear the announcements. Besides that, in the time of an emergency, you may need to listen to the instructions and directions of crew members. Although headset cables can cut-off movement in an evacuation, this is not a problem with Bluetooth headphones. Cellular data is still restricted, so make sure your cell device is set to airplane mode. This is because phones use short radio transmitters, Wi-Fi to transmit and receive data. Thus, this can cause interference with communication and navigation systems on board the plane. On the other hand, if you are looking for cheap USA to India international flights we are there to help you find some fantastic deals.


If you want to know more about Bluetooth headphones usage in airplanes, then we are here to tell each and everything about it. Our professionals are here to help you out regarding all such information. Besides that, they will provide you with all the necessary details regarding your flight bookings. You can also ask the agents of the airlines during your check-in if you have any queries regarding carrying specific gadgets with you. We are here to make your journey more comfortable and hassle free. You can also get cheap flights from Canada to India with us at very low airfares. All you have to do is just visit our flight section and contact us to book your flights. We will love to help you.



Q1. Why do airlines restrict Bluetooth headphones during landing or take-off?
Ans: Technically, it is safe to use but some airlines restrict it just in case there are any issues. That’s because, they want you to pay all the attention towards important announcements.

Q2. Are Bluetooth headphones safe for use on planes?
Ans: Yes, Bluetooth headphones are safe to use on aircraft’s. In fact, always try to listen to your songs or whatever you’re listening to at low volumes.

Q3. Can you use a Bluetooth device without Wi-Fi?
Ans: Bluetooth works on short-range radio waves preferably than an internet connection. This implies that Bluetooth will work whenever two compatible devices are there. Hence, you won’t require cellular data or connection for the same.