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Best Business Class Airlines Offering Finest Wine Onboard!


Airlines will do anything for the comfort and pleasure of their passengers and so that they spend millions of dollars on their wine programs. There are some of the best wine hats you can taste in the sky offered by the best airlines. So, let’s take a look which best business class airlines will take top spots for serving and offering the wine in the best business and first class.

1. Emirates Business Class Wine List

Choose a fine wine from the created list to complement the flavors of your meal whether you prefer a crisp, white or a full-flavored red. The airline selects their wines from world-class vineyards in France, Germany, the USA, South Africa and New Zealand.

  • Wines not only choose for flavor but also to maintain the quality in the cabin environment.
  • The airline includes Old World and New World wines and offers the choice of distinctly different tastes.

So, explore the wine list, including vintages and limited editions, and taste a glass of it whenever the mood takes you.

2. Singapore Airlines Business Class Wine List

The airline offers more than 1,000 wines every year. So you can savor the best. Each year, three of the world’s leading experts to taste our wines – New World, Old World, red and white.

  • This approach has produced a wine cellar of exceptional quality and diversity.
  • The selection of wines includes pouring from France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, America, and Italy.
  • Singapore Airlines wine will satisfy the most capricious of your genes.

3. Qatar Airways Business Class Wine List

The Qatar Airways Business Class wine and beverage menu include a selection of high-quality wine, champagnes, liquors and soft drinks.

  • The airline armed with 9 bottles of wine to be 100% sure that Qatar passengers will have the best first and business class travel experience.
  • The wine list features a full page for each offering with a full color picture of the bottle flanking the text.

4. Qantas Business Class Wine List

Qantas Airways business class wine list shows the beautiful and pure declaration of love to Australia. It is composed of only Aussie wines. Bottles are also matched to in-flight meals.

  • The wine list of Qantas list includes over 60 selections from different regions, wineries, and winemakers of Australia.
  • The review shows the panel of wine, which ensures that Qantas sets a benchmark for the service of premium Australian wines.
  • The current Wine Panel includes Tom Carson, Vanya Cullen, and Stephen Pannell.

5. American Airlines Business Class Wine List

The airline stocked cabins with wines custom-selected for your particular destination. Each vintage undergoes a rigorous selection process, all part of their award-winning wine program.

  • The airline has a great selection of wine for first and business class travelers.
  • The airline adjusts its wine list to every journey its passengers
  • 5,000 different varieties of wine were tasted to create American Airlines varied wine lists.

6. Cathay Pacific Business Class Wine List

An award-winning wine selection offered by Cathay pacific that is designed to complement the onboard menu. Currently, around 80 number of selection of wines, which are paired to match the variety of in-flight cuisines.

  • The current range is sourced from France, Italy, Austria, South Africa, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand.
  • The selection of wines depends on Cathay pacific’ availability and harvest times because it changes time to time.
  • In addition throughout the year, promotional wines will be offered for premium passengers.
  • Apart from this, the passengers of first and business class can taste unique, special, stemming from both renowned and up-and-coming regions selections of wine.