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Basic Terms Every Flyer Should Know About


Talking about the airline industry, if you are a regular traveler you must be aware of some basic terms. These are the terms which can be misunderstood by you while listening to an airline employee. It can create confusion for you about what they are talking about. So here we are with some common words with which a flyer should be aware of.

  • Direct Flight: It’s a common confusing word for airline passengers. Some predict it as a nonstop flight. But it is not so. These flights can contain some stops in between the routes to on or offload the passengers. The flights are named as direct flight because they do not change their flight number.
  • Layover: Layover refers to the point of a journey where an aircraft is changed. It can take up to 4 hours on domestic itineraries and 24 hours for international itineraries. For long layovers, passengers can wait in the terminal.
  • Stopover: Stopover is considered when period of time is more than 4 hours for domestic itineraries and greater than 24 hours for international Some of the flights provide free stopover also, travelers can leave the airport and explore the city in the meantime. Due to free stopover trip is considered as “dual destination vacation”
  • Fifth Freedom: Fifth freedom flights are those flights which stop in a country other than its own and pick up passengers before proceeding to another country. Freedom flights have the right to fly between two separate foreign countries.
  • Deadhead: It refers to an airline crew member who is traveling on a passenger seat during his/ her off-duty. Basically, they are supposed to travel as a deadhead when they are assigned a job at another destination.
  • Non-Rev: Non-revenue passenger may be an airline employee or their family member or friend having a high discount on the ticket. These tickets generate no profit to the airlines, they are only provided on a standby basis for personal need or non-official purpose.
  • Pitch: Pitch is the gap from a point of a seat to the same point of the front seat. More the space more comfortable and luxurious will be the seat. As more pitch creates extra space for legroom. Airlines have different pitch size according to the class of seats.
  • Codeshare: Codeshare is an agreement in between two or more airline markets who can sell the tickets of a single carrier. This agreement allows the airlines to sell the tickets beyond their route network with the help of codeshare partners. It also helps customers to buy a single ticket rather than buying two separate on a single airline.
  • IROP: It stands for irregular operations. These exist due to change in flight timings such as flight delay, equipment change, crew rest and cancellation due to weather conditions. Due to IROP time to reach the destination is interfered.
  • IFE: It stands for In-Flight Entertainment. It is a medium for the entertainment of passengers on the flight. Nowadays private IFE TV screens are available on the seat back. It includes wi-fi service, music channel and other multimedia content.

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