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Basic Guide to Seattle Tacoma International Airport and Customer Review


Seattle Tacoma Airport also named as Sea–Tac Airport  is located in Washington, U.S. It is the commercial airport serving the Seattle metropolitan area. The airport covers an area of 2,500 acres.

This airport is owned by the Port of Seattle serving the flights to North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. It is the main hub of Alaska Airlines. In 2018, it is considered as the fastest growing airport in the U.S in terms of passenger traffic.

This airport serves thirty-four airlines of 91 non-stop domestic and 28 international destinations.


Terminal Information:-


There are four concourses with 80 gates in this airport. Moreover, two satellite buildings with 14 gates each.

Terminals No of gates
Concourse A 14
Concourse B 12
Concourse C 13
Concourse D 11
North Satellite 14
South Satellite 14

Airport Facilities:


  • Information Desk: to collect the general information you can visit the information desk at the airport. Red-vested “Pathfinder” customer service reps and blue jacket volunteers with iPad in hands.
  • Free Wi-Fi: There is free WiFi available at Seattle Tacoma Airport. You only need to connect to the “SEATAC-FREE-WIFI” network.
  • ATM: For cash, you can reach any of the ATM available at Central Terminal in landside and the airside of all gated areas.
  • Currency Exchange: Currency Exchange by Travelex is provided at the main terminal:
  • Ticketing level from 5:15 am to 10:00 pm
  • Baggage claim from 9:45 am to 9:45 pm
  • Gates of Concourse A from 5:15 am to 5:45 pm
  • Gates of Concourse S from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Baby Care: There’s a Mother’s Room in a private place with quiet and calm ambient. The room consists of adjustable lighting, rocking chairs, power outlets, and many more facilities. In addition, 7 nursing suites are also available.

You Need To Reach It At Locations:-


  • S Gate Mezzanine Level
  • Gate A9
  • Gate C10
  • Gate N2
  • Gate D10
  • Gate D23
  • North, Main Terminal at Train Station


  • Play Area: There is a children play area located in between Central Terminal and A Gates open for 24 hours.
  • Duty-Free Shopping: For shopping, there are duty-free shops available at the airport. The shops are available 24 hours at Central Terminal, Baggage Claim area, Gate D6, and Gate D22.
  • Food and Beverages: throughout the airport, you can find vending machines. Moreover, there are various options available 24 hours for the passengers:
  • Central Terminal Food Court: Dilettante Chocolates & Mocha Cafe
  • B Gate: McDonald’s
  • Qdoba Mexican Grill.
  • Landside: Alki Bakery
  • Charging Port: For charging there are under-seat power outlets at all the gates (A, B, D, and S). Moreover, at the gates C and N there are under-seat power outlets provided by Alaska Airline. Further, at Ticketing and baggage claim area of all the concourses there are paid charging kiosks available for passengers.
  • Smoking Area: Two smoking areas are provided by the airport where you can freely smoke. These are located at:
  • North end in Lower Drive (Baggage Claim level)
  • South end in Lower Drive (Baggage Claim level)
  • Live Music Performance: You can also enjoy the live music performances that are performed daily throughout the airport from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.


Airport Hotel:-


Hotel Name Location Other Information
Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center 3 minute drive from the airport Free 24-hour airport shuttle service
Red Roof Inn Seattle Airport SEATAC 4 minute drive from the airport Airport shuttle runs every 20 minutes
Red Lion Hotel Seattle Airport 4 minutes from the airport Free 24-hour airport shuttle service


Airport Lounge:-


Lounge Name Location Other Information
Alaska Lounge Multiple Locations Pay at the Door

Lounge membership programs

Centurion Lounge Central Terminal, Airside, Concourse B American Express® Card Members
United Club Central Terminal, Airside, Concourse A Pay at the door

United Club Membership


Transport Facility:-


  • Bus Facility: King County Metro Buses passes through the street adjacent to the Sea-Tac Airport LINK Light Rail station. Sound Transit Express Routes 560 and 574 may be helpful.
  • Car Facility: At the airport, there is a dedicated Rental Car Facility accessible 24-hour by the passengers. Moreover, many major car rental companies operate from within the Rental Car Facility such as Rent-A-Wreck provides a courtesy shuttle.
  • Hotel Shuttle: Many local hotels provide shuttle service to the patrons so ask them for their shuttle service availability.
  • Taxi: You can also hire a taxi from the taxi station available on the third floor.


Seattle–Tacoma Airport Customer Reviews:-


Herbert Klein (United States) 12th October 2016

I flew from SEA to Paris. Busy airport but, generally clean and processing through security and airline check in. Good food options and a good choice of restaurants. The 2 separate rail loops is a bit confusing. Airport has good natural light and views.

Angela Rawson (Hong Kong) 30th August 2016

Arrival was a bit confusing with the train going to different points and finding the courtesy phone to call the hotel was not that easy but a very helpful employee sent me in the right direction. Baggage arrived promptly.

I Was pleasantly surprised with fast and efficient security screening on departure. Many people manning security checkpoints, so it was a very swift process with polite and courteous employees. Had a good meal and found a reasonable variety of restaurants. Other shops were a bit repetitive but fine. Clean bathrooms, good WiFi and clean departure gate areas.

Karl Moosbrugger:

Arrived at SEA on an intercontinental flight and had a domestic connection next morning. I liked the airport. Upon arrival, immigration was quick no queues (just 4 people in front of me) so I was through in 5 minutes.

Baggage arrived a few minutes later and overall it took just 20 minutes from leaving the plane until I was out of the airport. I have a similar positive experience next morning too. There is friendly staff at check-in. Along with that, the fewer queues and adequate food facilities are there in the waiting area.

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