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Avail Business Class Seat In Qantas With Frequent Flyer Points


Not everyone flies in business class. The business class experience is great leisure and nobody will fly in the economy if they get a chance to fly business class. There are some travel hacks by which you can get a chance to fly in business class flights. Getting the upgrade is a great way to travel but how to avail it? Most frequent flyers don’t even have the idea of upgrading their seats. A frequent flyer has the Qantas points which can be used for upgrading their ticket. Here is how to get an upgrade in Qantas using the points.

The points you earn depends on the money you spend on your ticket. More you spend and more you will earn the points. Now the matter is how to get the best value for your points?

An Upgrade Can Be Made For:

  • Domestic: 353 days before departure.
  • International: 90 days before departure.

Upgrades cannot be requested within 24 hours of departure

For Domestic Business Class Upgrade:

All economic class can be upgraded to business class using the frequent flyer point. Qantas pre-defines the number of upgrades they will provide and sometimes there is no upgrade. So, it doesn’t mean you will surely get an upgrade.

The request is accepted only if you make it before more than 24 hours of departure.

Upgrading on the Day of Flight: 

  • One can ask for on departure upgrade if you have the access to Qantas club or business class lounge through Qantas club membership.
  • Rest depends on the availability of seats and it will be available around 3 to 4 hours before the flight.

For International Business Class Upgrade:

The international business class upgrade is done on a request basis only. Moreover, the upgrade is possible for Qantas aircraft only. Other than Qantas you cannot ask for an upgrade to another airline.

How the Upgrade is Processed?

The upgrade is done in a systematic manner. It is available for every level of flyers even from entry-level Bronze. The orderly manner for the upgrade is as follow:

  • Platinum One flyers’ request is considered first for the upgrade before 7 days of departure.
  • Then the Platinum flyers are considered and the request is approved 48 hours before the flight.
  • In last Gold, Silver and Bronze frequent flyers are considered for the upgrade within 24 hours of departure.

How to Make a Request For An Upgrade?

  • If your request has not been approved then there is a secondary option too. The frequent flyers are allowed to request for an upgrade. These requests are processed in an ordered manner. You can ask on the Qantas website or directly call them.
  • On the official website of the Qantas, there is a checkbox where you can request for an upgrade.

This is applicable if any other passenger cancels their flight at the last minute; then the upgrade becomes available and your request can be approved if you are the lucky one.

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